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“Read a Damn Book – 111: England’s Dreaming: Anarchy, Sex Pistols, Punk Rock, and Beyond”

Back in high school, I was a “new waver,” but most of my friends were “punks.” I had spiky, colored hair, wore thrift shop army jackets, and rode a skateboard (although never very well.) I LOOKED like most of my … Continue reading

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“Parasite!” by Richard F. Yates

“Parasites taking over the country! Parasites taking over your home! Parasites taking over you mind-ah!” (lyrics by Subhumans) —Richard F. Yates (Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.) SUPPORT INDEPENDENT FOLKS WHO ARE JUST MAKING STUFF BECAUSE THEY … Continue reading

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“Ten Cuts – 02” by Richard F. Yates

Howdy folks! It’s been over a month since my last “Ten Cuts” piece, so I thought it was about time to focus on the music again. As I did in my last piece, I’ve compiled a playlist of ten songs … Continue reading

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“Ten Cuts – 01” by Richard F. Yates

Howdy folks! For something different, and because I’m a huge music fan (not sure how often that comes across on the P.E.W.), I’ve decided to start a new feature: MUSIC DISCUSSION! (Well, more monologue than DISCUSSION, but let’s not quibble…) … Continue reading

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“Primitive Video 001” by Richard F. Yates

With the assistance of “The Boss” (Mariah Yates), The Primitive Entertainment Workshop has constructed a NEW THING. We have filmed a poetry video in which Richard F. Yates performs four poems for your viewing pleasure. (In the video, Mr. Yates … Continue reading

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“Read a Damn Book – 047: Cured”

I became a Cure fan back in high school, right about the time the band recorded a new video for their old song, “Boys Don’t Cry,” to promote their Standing on a Beach (1986) greatest hits collection. By my sophomore … Continue reading

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“Authentic Single-Cell Punk” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates

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