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“Cheaters Never Prosper And Liars Never Win…” by Richard F. Yates

—Richard F. Yates (Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.) SUPPORT INDEPENDENT FOLKS WHO ARE JUST MAKING STUFF BECAUSE THEY LOVE IT!!! https://primitiveentertainment.com/ https://primitiveentertainment.com/read-a-damn-book-list/ https://primitiveentertainment.com/support/ https://ko-fi.com/primitiveentertainment

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“Evil Is…” by Charlie Centipede (and Michael King)

Evil is a t.v. sit-com with an over-active laugh track. —Charlie Centipede [Tell it like it is, Chuck! —Michael King]

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“Guilt Falls from the Sky” by Charlie Centipede

No matter how much you ask forgiveness, as long as you think you still HAVE to ask forgiveness, you’ll continue to feel guilty. Indifference is the key to happiness. —Charlie Centipede

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“Video Games” by Richard F. Yates

A good video game is the DEATH of creativity. —Richard F. Yates

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