Books You Can Buy!

Update: 27 Dec. 2017

Check back in just a couple of days!!! I’ve got another book (a short, political/art rant of a book) to add, called SOMAT(IC)! I think you’ll like it, but I need to put a description together…


The Collected Works of Randy Long Vol. 1
collected works of randy long
Randy Long’s fantastic travel adventures, childhood memories, and heroic tales of battles against the evil squirrels have FINALLY been collected in one handy volume! Get yours today!


In addition, the third volume of collected Primitive Entertainment is now available for immediate purchase in both super fancy paper (full color!) and electronic editions. Includes poetry by Scott Sparks, an out of body experience by Randy Long, and many drawings, stories, and rants by Richard F. Yates (often disguised as a robot, monster, professor, politician, and other hideous creatures!) Follow the happy link below to get your copy RIGHT NOW!!!

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop – Volume 3!

(Older Stuff—but still GOOD stuff—below)

That’s right friends and lovers, the second volume of Primitive works, including bits and bobs by Randy Long, Scott Sparks, Keenan Calhoun, Richard F. Yates (and an army of fictional characters) is now available for you to have for your very own! Follow this here linky:

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop – Volume Two

to fun and excitement!

And don’t forget, we are POOR and can use all kinds of economic inspiration, but we ain’t begging! We’re offering YOU the opportunity to get some high class UNFINE ART and punk-esque WORDS, which will make you happier, smarter, and more likely to win an argument with a drunk person!*

(*Actually it probably won’t do any of those things, and we think you’d be silly to think it would. However, if you’d like to buy a copy of the book, say that it didn’t help you win an argument with a drunk person, and then sue us, we’d love to be sued—or even banned!—mostly for the publicity! Thanks for understanding and lending a hand!)

Well, I guess that means it’s time to start compiling on Volume Three…

—Richard F. Yates

Other items available for immediate purchase:

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop – Volume One – the first 111 posts from The  Primitive Entertainment Workshop blog, edited by Richard F. Yates, and including pieces by Richard F. Yates, Randy Long, Scott Sparks, and Elvisa Crinkler.

Night Noises – a book of humorous and nightmare inducing poetry by Richard F. Yates.

99 Ways to Die (and Other Party Tricks) – a collection of very, very, very short stories by over 20 different authors, edited by Richard F. Yates.

Considering… – a strange conceptual art work by Richard F. Yates that combines drawings, photographs, and written work.

Madroad: The Breadline Press West Coast Anthology – West Coast prose and poetry, edited by Brian Schlosser and Richard F. Yates.

And coming pretty dang soon!!!  The Primitive Entertainment Workshop – Volume Four!

So, what do you say? Are you willing to help support an independent creative type in need of ramen and soda pop money? I’m sure you are! Now click one of those links above and help make all my dreams come true (well, some of the very low key ones, anyway!)

—Richard F. Yates

pew vol 1pew vol 2primitive entertainment workshop vol 3 cover

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