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Update: 27 Jun. 2018

Howdy folks! As an independent artist/writer/editor, I DEPEND on the kindness of strangers to help support these creative endeavors! One of the BEST ways that you can help out is by picking up one of our classic “bound material” pieces. We are massive fans of BOOKS, whether they’re stories or poems or weirdo art or some strange, alchemical combination of seemingly ill-fitting elements, books are kind of our thing. Below, you will find a BEVY (and I don’t use that word lightly) of textual delights that you can have for your very own (most in both paper and digital formats…) If you like what we POST here at the Workshop, consider picking up one of our books. You’ll be helping us out, and it will DEFINITELY make your coffee table or nightstand look more mysterious! Thanks for checking us out!!!

—Richard F. Yates

Primitive Conjurations – Lies for Art and Living by Richard F. Yates

primitive conjurations - (peg)

Primitive Conjurations is part absurdist sci-fi social critique AND part outsider art manifesto! The book chronicles the misadventures of a fictional art collective who are attempting to promote creativity and individual expression, but who are blocked in their efforts by killer androids, the “Big Pharma” conspiracy, and a society that is mostly just indifferent to art. It’s a silly story told in collage format (through various letters, newspaper articles, diary entries, and “pamphlets” released by the artists) full of satire and murder and magic and bad words.

There are 116 pages of satirical, sci-fi, art goodness to be had in either paperback ($9.99) or digital ($2.99) formats!

Bigfoot and Other Stories by Randy Long

bigfoot and other stories - (peg)

Randy Long’s thrill-packed and nostalgia soaked story, which begins in the Pacific Northwest and paints a stunning picture of what life was like in Bigfoot country in the 1960s, has finally been collected into one volume! It’s epic and funny, and we’ve included ALL of Randy’s “squirrel” stories as a B-Feature for this drive-in classic! Available in paperback ($5.99) and digital ($2.99) formats!

SOMAT(IC) #1 by Richard F. Yates

somatic - a - (peg)

This book, SOMAT(IC) #1, is 26 pages of political ranting, nonsense prose-poetry, a scary ghost story, touching biography, and weirdo, underground, punk and Dada inspired art, and it costs LESS than you’d probably spend on a blended coffee! It was inspired by the current political tension in the U.S., and my anxiety and stress landed on the page in a volatile, punk-ish, angry form. The book would probably best suit fans of punk zines or Dada collage/poetry. It’ available in paperback ($5.99) or digital ($2.99) formats.

The Collected Works of Randy Long Vol. 1 by Randy Long
collected works of randy long
Randy Long’s fantastic travel adventures, childhood memories, and heroic battles against the evil squirrels have FINALLY been collected in one handy volume! Get yours today! At the moment it’s only available in paperback ($6.99) form, but paper books are the COOLEST!!!






The Primitive Entertainment Workshop – Volume 3 by Various

primitive entertainment workshop vol 3 cover

The third volume of collected Primitive Entertainment is now available for immediate purchase in both super fancy paper ($32.99) (expensive, but it’s full color!) and electronic ($2.99) editions. This archival collection is 174 pages and includes poetry by Scott Sparks, an out of body experience by Randy Long, and many drawings, stories, and rants by Richard F. Yates (who is usually disguised as a robot, monster, professor, politician, or other hideous creature whilst speaking!)

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop – Volume Two by Various

0196 - The Primitive Entertainment Workshop - Volume Two (12 Jul. 2013) by Richard F. Yates

That’s right friends and lovers, the second volume of Primitive works, including bits and bobs by Randy Long, Scott Sparks, Keenan Calhoun, Richard F. Yates (and an army of fictional characters) is now available for you to have for your very own! The book is available in paperback ($22.99) and digital ($2.99) formats!

And don’t forget, we are POOR and can use all kinds of economic inspiration, but we ain’t begging! We’re offering YOU the opportunity to get some high class UNFINE ART and punk-esque WORDS, which will make you happier, smarter, and more likely to win an argument with a drunk person!*

(*Actually it probably won’t do any of those things, and we think you’d be silly to think it would. However, if you’d like to buy a copy of the book, say that it didn’t help you win an argument with a drunk person, and then sue us, we’d love to be sued—or even banned!—mostly for the publicity! Thanks for understanding and lending a hand!)

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop – Volume One by Various

0093 - The Primitive Entertainment Workshop - Volume One (6 May 2013) by Richard F. Yates

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop – Volume One is comprised of the first 111 posts from The  Primitive Entertainment Workshop blog, edited by Richard F. Yates, and including pieces by Richard F. Yates, Randy Long, Scott Sparks, and Elvisa Crinkler. Artwork, poems, stories, and weird conceptual art, available in paperback ($25.99) and digital ($2.99) formats!

Night Noises by Richard F. Yates

night noises (2010) - (peg)

This is a collection of poetry by Richard F. Yates, although it’s not THAT kind of poetry. It’s more like bad dreams or a season of Twilight Zone presented in poetic form instead of through a t.v. show. The collection has been favorably reviewed by several smart folks (you can read the reviews on A-Zon, if you want to), and many of these poems were first published in a several different literary journals and web sites before being collected into this volume. (Legit!) It’s 82 pages of humor and horror and monsters and weirdness. Available in paperback ($15.99) and digital ($2.99) formats!

99 Ways to Die (and Other Party Tricks) by Various Future Primitives

99 ways to die (2012) - (peg)

99 Ways to Die (and Other Party Tricks) is 112 pages of irony, horror, humor, and weirdness.

I’m very, very, very proud of this little book (7” by 7” in size—the exact dimensions of a 45rpm record sleeve!), and the funny thing about it (unlike, say a bouquet of flowers or a package of sausages) is that writing doesn’t spoil with age, so a LOT of the writing in this book is still VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD! More than 20 contributors deliver 99 classic very, very, very short stories! Available in paperback ($9.99) format!

In all truth, this book is a forgotten classic worth reinvestigation! (Or plain-old investigation, if you’ve never heard of it.) If you are a fan of flash fiction, micro-fiction, experimental fiction, prose poetry, or abstract obliqueness, then give this book a shot! (It’s cheaper than a large, blended coffee and a croissant sandwich, and it will last MUCH longer!)

Considering… by Richard F. Yates

considering... - (peg)

Considering… is a strange conceptual art work by Richard F. Yates that combines collage, poetry fragments, photo-montage, and written work into an investigation of LIVING SPACES and their relation to psychological well-being. The FULL title is CONSIDERING, IN TERMS CONCEIVED OF IN A STATE OF EXCITEMENT, THE EVIDENCE AS PRESENTED IN A VISUAL FORMAT!!! It’s 44 pages long and available in paperback ($17.99) and digital ($2.99) formats.

Madroad: The Breadline Press West Coast Anthology – West Coast prose and poetry, edited by Brian Schlosser and Richard F. Yates.

So, what do you say? Are you willing to help support an independent creative type in need of ramen and soda pop money? I’m sure you are! Now click one of those links above and help make all my dreams come true (well, some of the very low key dreams, anyway!)

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)


pew vol 1pew vol 2primitive entertainment workshop vol 3 cover

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