Postcards from Paradise! (Micro-Gallery Creation Station)

As a starving artist and wanna-be art collector that also harbors severe kitsch sympathies, I propose the following alternative for those who can’t afford a $10,000 canvas or who don’t live near a major art gallery or museum:


Imagine being the curator of your very own art gallery, a gallery in a three ring binder! For $2 or $3, you can buy an exciting image or photograph, maybe some vintage advert or a micro-version of a famous painting (perhaps with a mustache painted on it…) and add it to your REAL WORLD, physical gallery! Seriously, postcards are great (and fun to make, if you’re into the whole HANDMADE scene!) I’ve owned postcards by Shag and early Disney concept art from the Haunted Mansion and oddity and freak-show cards for things like Jake the Alligator Man and Bigfoot. I love that stuff, and I would love to get my hands on more interesting and humorous and weird art and photography, SO…

I would like to dedicate this page to links to places where postcards are available to buy. If you have a favorite artist or tourist trap or manufacturer (whether print on demand, like Zazzle or RedBubble, or physically printed or hand-made, like on Etsy.) I want you to send your links here, maybe with an image or a brief description. If it’s YOUR art, that’s even better! The trick is to link up with a ton of great artwork, photographs, and images, right here. Keep it fresh and interesting, and let poor slobs like me invest in some great work and FEEL (however artificially) like I’m in touch with something fancy. In the meantime, I’ll post links to some of the postcards that I have made available for all you peeps to look at (and maybe drop a couple of bucks on). Sound like fun!?!?! It does to me…

—Richard F. Yates


The Dangers of Childhood by Richard F. Yates
the dangers of childhood postcard

FuzzzyLightning by Richard F. Yates
fuzzzy lightning postcard

Neon Robots by Richard F. Yates
neon robots postcard

Evil Banana by Richard F. Yates
evil banana postcard

Green Dog Howls (3) by Richard F. Yates

green dog howls 3 postcard

T.V. Eye by Richard F. Yates

tv eye postcard

Werewoof in the Night by Richard F. Yates

werewoof in the night postcard

Execute by Richard F. Yates

execute postcard

Feeding Time by Richard F. Yates

feeding time postcard

Man Confronted by the Ghost of His Childhood by Richard F. Yates

man confronted by the ghost of his childhood postcard

Snake Tripping Out in Trichrome Universe by Richard F. Yates

snake tripping out in trichrome universe postcard

Luminous Scribble Beings by Richard F. Yates

luminous scribble beings postcard

Two Hours of Sleep Might Not be Enough by Richard F. Yates

two hours of sleep might not be enough postcard

Plodding by Richard F. Yates

plodding postcard

Laser Chicken vs Tentacles from Outer Space by Richard F. Yates

laser chicken vs tentacles from outer space

Big Bad Bunny by Richard F. Yates

big bad bunny postcard

The Day After Tomorrow by Richard F. Yates

the day after tomorrow postcard

Happy Bunny by Richard F. Yates

happy bunny postcard

Demon Bard by Richard F. Yates

demon bard postcard

Global Village by Richard F. Yates

global village postcard

8 Responses to Postcards from Paradise! (Micro-Gallery Creation Station)

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  2. ingridnuttle says:

    This. This sounds like something I need to be a part of.

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