Further Adventures – Bigfoot (Story) by Randy Long

Collected here, in one handy location, is all of Randy Long’s “Further Adventures – Bigfoot” tale—at least, as much of it as we’ve published so far!

(As of 14 Apr. 2018, there are FIVE PARTS available to read, with more coming very soon!)

This story continues the adventures begun in Randy Long’s classic “Bigfoot” epic! (Available in book form OR online for free!) You don’t necessarily have to read that story first, but it will introduce a LOT of the key players and plot points if you DO read it first! (Plus, it’s very fun!) Either way, here’s the new adventure!!!


Now that we had set things right in Twin Phoenix, the world of the Bigfoot people, my wife and I decided to try some of the doorways.

The Doorway Nearest the City of Bigfoot.

We packed our supplies, as much as we could carry, and a cart we pulled behind us. As we slipped through this doorway, at first, I thought we were back on Earth. Just one sun and one moon. After a few seconds, two riders on horseback rode up. I thought they were men, but no. They were skinny, hooded, with swords strapped to their sides, and a bow hanging off the horns of their saddles.

And I thought, “We’re in trouble… BIG trouble!”

About then, one of the hooded figures spoke and said, “You are HUMAN, aren’t you?”

I said, “You—you speak English.”

He said, “We speak many languages.” He lowered his hood, and I could see his ears were pointed.

He said, “I am Lotar, Prince of the Five Realms. My friend, here, is Megdar. We mean you no harm. My father, King Lomax, would be glad to meet you. We don’t see many humans in this realm. You must have come through the doorway. It has been closed for many years now. This world is called Eldoor. There are mainly elves and some humans here, and some dwarves and trolls, though you humans would call them “Bigfoot,” not many though, since the Big War. This planet is at peace. Most of the doorways have been closed for just over a century.

Megdor lent us his horse and stayed with our cart. Lotar, the prince, said he would send people back for Megdor. We rode about five miles to a giant pasture, and the prince said, “Here we are.”

I said, “WHERE we are?”

Lotar said, “Oh yes, repeat after me.” We both said okay.

He said, “Ba-ruu. Sh-kar.”

We both said it at the same time, and a giant golden castle and gate appeared in front of our eyes. We were amazed! Castle guards and people were wandering through the halls and throughout the castle walls, inside and out. A moment ago, there was nothing there!

This is how we hide our Elfin people for safety. Lotar took us to see the King, his father, King Lomax. He greeted us and was very nice.

The King said, “You will be my guests. You are welcome. We have a very prosperous land.”

He asked where we came from, and I told him we came through one of the ancient doorways from Twin Phoenix, and before that, Earth. He proceeded to tell us that his ancestors had visited Earth long ago. He asked if it had changed much.

I said yes. Huge changes. He said they purposely stayed away from change.

“We have a simple life here and like it that way,” the King said.

Megdar arrived at that point with our things, and the King said, “Stay as long as you like, but when you leave, take two of the horses with you.”

We thanked him. We were shown to our room.

I looked at Linda and said, “Looks good, but let’s be careful.”

The most amazing part was the Hidden Castle. We were both completely exhausted. We got to bed, and soon we were both asleep.

We woke in the morning, and after sleeping, our heads were clear. But something didn’t seem quite right. The King and his people seemed nice enough, just… Something seemed wrong.

I asked how many realms were on this world, and the Prince said, “You have five realms.”

The King said, “Yes, there are twenty realms on Eldoor. Fifteen realms are of elves and five realms of humans. Three elfin Kings rule fifteen realms, and one human King rules all five human realms. The planet Eldoor has seen 50 years of peace.”

It bothered me that we had to speak secret words for the castle to appear when it was peace time. (And how could they hide a whole castle?)

I asked the King, “How do you hide a whole kingdom?”

The King asked, “Have you heard of elfin magic?”

I could tell he did not want to talk about it. I was his guest, said “Thank you,” and changed the subject.

In this world they ate meat, but we hadn’t ate meat for so long, besides fish, it just didn’t appeal to us. They ate deer, pork, and chicken, fish, and vegetables.

I was told, they have four seasons there. The region we were in was pretty dry.

The King said in his five realms the weather was real mild. Each of the five realms were one continent. Each kingdom was a continent with five realms, and there were four continents that made up the world.

I asked, “How do you get to other kingdoms?”

“We have our Navy.”

I asked, “Do you know of any doorways in your five realms other than the one we came through?”

He replied, “One other, but it takes you to another world.” Then he said, “Don’t leave yet. Be my guest. Take the horses out and look over the country. Enjoy yourselves.”

My wife and I did just that. We talked to other elfin people—very nice—and enjoyed the countryside. We left most of your stuff in the castle and went to other villages. The further we got from the castle, the elfin people were less friendly.

I asked, “Do you have a problem with us or with ALL humans?”

They replied, “You’re riding royal horses.”

I said, “Yeah, is there something wrong with that?”

One elf answered, “I better not say anything.”

I said, “My name is Randy. My wife’s name is Linda. Nothing will be said. What’s your name?”

Reluctantly, he said, “My name is Hamin.”

“So what’s wrong?”

He answered, “The King lives in luxury. We are hungry most of the time.”

I said, “There seems to be plenty of game and fish and vegetables. Has it always been this way?”

“No. The King and Prince have always been good to us. Bandits have been raiding our village and taking our food. They ride royal horses.”

I said, “I see your problem. I think the King would like to be made aware of this,” but Hamin told us that if anything was said, we would be sorry.

I mentioned, “Well, we are returning to the castle the castle tomorrow. How many bandits are there?”

“Ten riders. Masked,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said. “I won’t mention any names.

We left that village, which was called Deer Valley. We rode the next morning. When we returned to the field where the castle was hidden, we called out, “Ba-ruu! Sh-kar!” and the castle reappeared.

I went to the King and said, “Could I talk to you in private?”

He said, “You are my friend,” and he told his guards to stay in the main hall. We went to a smaller room.

I said, “Are you aware, in a town called Deer Valley your people are starving?”

He asked, “Why?”

I said, “Bandits. Ten bandits, masked, riding royal horses.”

The King said, “I will put a stop to this…”

I said, “I hate to bring you bad news, King. You have been so good to us.”

The King said, “I think we can trust you now. I had to know if you could be trusted. If you were not on a royal horse, when you came to the castle, it would not matter what you said. You would NOT see the castle.”

“Also,” the King said to me, “recently, fifteen of the royal horses came up missing. When we ‘ketch the guilty ones, they will be punished, severely. Most don’t know that the royal horses are magic horses. Only the elfin people know of the magic horses. Now, I entrust this secret to you. You are the only human who knows about the royal horses.”

I said, “Your secret is safe with me.”

We returned to the main hall, and the King said, “Send troops to Deer Valley, and food and supplies. There are bandits in the area. If you find them, bring them back here, alive.”

I said, “Can I go with them?” The King said yes. “Can my wife stay here?”

The King said, “By all means.”

And we left to go to Deer Valley. When we arrived, the townspeople were all smiles, and by that evening, their bellies were full.

I talked with some of the townspeople, and they were all glad that the King sent a platoon. He sent enough to get the town back into good shape. The townsfolk told the Army what the bandits looked like, and the Army left enough soldiers to protect the town in case the bandits came back. The soldiers decided to dress like townspeople.

I saw Hamin. He thanked me, and I went back to the Castle. King Lomax was happy to hear that his people were fine. I was glad to be back with my wife.

I asked the King what kind of animals they had on their world. Most of the animals were the same as we have, plus a few others. I asked if they had dragons, and he said yes, but there weren’t that many left. They stayed mostly in the outer parts of the realm. He said they had been hunted almost to extinction, but the King said it was illegal to kill dragons, now. Anyone caught killing a dragon forfeits his life.

I asked if he knew of any doorways that left his world, and if so, where they went.

He said he knew of the doorway to The Grays.

“Grays?” I ask?

“They are a strange people with technology beyond belief. They fly in machines and are strange beings—male and female in one.” He said, “It isn’t safe to go to The Grays’ world. There world is called Oneder. They experiment on others from different worlds. I wouldn’t go there. There is another doorway on the other side of the Five Realms at the edge of my Kingdom, on the outermost rim near the dragon’s lair,” King Lomax said.

“How can we get there?” I asked.

“I will send five of my most trusted guards with you on royal horses. You can be there tomorrow. If you didn’t have the royal horses, it would take you a month to get there!”

“And that doorway, where does that one go?

“It goes to the most ancient of planets. It has doorways from other planets and people, ships, and other things just appear all over that planet. This planet is called The Hidden Doorways. One of the doorways there is from your planet, the Triangle Door,” he said.

The planet has people from many other planets that got pulled through the doorways and then couldn’t get home.

King Lomax wished us the best of luck. He told us to keep the Royal Horses. He said they would help us along the way and help us to get home.

“Thank you, King Lomax,” we said.

We left and went through the doorway to the Hidden Doorway planet. We marked the doorway, so we knew how to leave. Beyond the doorway, the first thing we saw was a World War II plane wedged between to large rocks, but no one was around. I made sure we’d marked the doorway, not that I would forget that plane. I also wrote everything down in my journal and drew a roadmap of where we’d been.

We’d been there for one day and one night already, but we’d seen no signs of life, but relics from different eras. Ships and planes that had been lost in the Bermuda Triangle, they were there.

Three days had gone by when we finally saw what appeared to be a town in the distance. We rode up on the horses, and in the town, we found what appeared to be the people from the planes and ships that had been marooned there, from different times.

The first person we met said, “You’re new here. My name is Roger. Last thing I remember is fighting Germans in a Spitfire plane. Next thing I knew, I was here.” All the town’s people were from different times.

I told him, “We were riding our horses, and then were here.” I thought it was best that he didn’t know how we actually got there just yet. He looked to be about 30, but he said he’d been there for around 75 or 80 years. He said that as soon as he got there he stopped aging.

“We miss our families, but by now, they were probably all gone. Did we win the war? You are Americans, right?”

“Yes, and yes we won the war. The year is 2018 now. It seems like we’ve been gone from home for years. Have you traveled around this world? Are there native people here? Are they human? How do you fee yourselves?”

He replied, “Hunting, fishing, and farming. The native people left libraries in the towns, and most left. They looked human, but they were far more intelligent. They could speak without moving their lips. They talked to each other, but you would hear them in your head. Telepathic.”

Roger said he had traveled around. Each town was left by the native people. Most native people were gone now, but they left libraries with information on how to survive. They told us where to stay away from because things drop out of the sky. They said what kind of animals there are, which are predators, and to not go in the ocean because there are sea creatures there. There are some other dangerous creatures, but they stay in the outer regions.

“I’ll tell you about them later,” Roger said. “Do you have any weapons?”

I said, “Yes, I have a broadsword and bow and arrows.”

“Do you have a gun?”

I said yes, but no bullets.

Roger said, “What size?” I answered 9mm. He said, “I think we can do something about that. We got ammo. There’s no crime rate here, but there is a creature in the deep woods called a Sonar. It has very weak eyes, but like its name suggests it has others senses to see with that give it an advantage. It doesn’t matter if it’s daylight or dark, it can still see. It looks like a rabbit, but it’s mean as Hell and stands on two legs. It’s also the size of a bear.

The people here are all pretty mild mannered.

Roger said once his plane came through the doorway in the sky, it wouldn’t run anymore, like there’s something on this planet that won’t let motors run. “That’s how we get trapped here,” he said.

I said, “There must be something that keeps the motors from running and something that attracts objects to this planet. We need to find what it is.”

We had a new QUEST on the Hidden Doorway planet.

The Hidden Doorway Planet – Our New Quest

The town we visited first was called Kellong. I asked Roger, “As far as you know, are all who are on this planet human?”

Roger said, “Everyone on this side of the planet, and the ocean separates us from the other side. And with the sea creatures—no one knows for sure. We have all heard stories that the other side of the planet is tropical, but much hotter. Someone said they found a body on an ocean beach that looked reptilian, like a lizard man, but there’s nothing like that on this side of the ocean, and we’ve only heard of a body like that washing up once, so we’re not sure.”

The doorways on this planet, as far as Roger knew, were all in the sky, but Linda and I knew of the one that we came through, and that one was on the ground.

We told Roger we were on our way. We rode off on our horses heading west. He gave us a map to show where the doorways were that were in the sky. Riding west, Roger said the next town was Rastle Creek, which was about 50 miles away.

I told my wife that I should never have taken her with me and endangered her. “I understand,” she said, “but I would rather be with you than for you to go on without me.” We rode half the distance to the next town, and it was time to stop and camp for the night. We stopped next to a battleship, but there was no water around the battleship. It said “Bismark” on the side. The Bismark! I thought it was sunk!

We fed and watered the horses, then brushed them down and put blankets on the them. Then we put up our tent and prepared for bed.

We both went to sleep, and in the night, I heard someone calling my name. “Get up, Randy, you’re in danger! Wake up!” I thought I was dreaming when I heard a loud crashing noise, then my name again. “Randy, get up!”

My horse was talking to me! We were in danger, so I grabbed my gun and a light. The moon was full outside the tent. It seemed to be almost daylight. A Sonar was charging the camp! I aimed my gun and fired three times, hitting the beast right in the chest, and it kept coming! I dodged it and shot three more times, the sixth finally brought him down.

My heart was racing, and the adrenaline had snapped me wide awake. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. By this time, my wife was wide awake, too, running back and forth and…wait! Hey!

I turned to look back at my horse and said, “You talked!”

The horse said, “We both do. We’re magic horses, and you two take very good care of us. Magic horses can do lots of things.”

“What about the Sonar?” I asked.

“It’s dead.”

I said, “How did you know it was going to attack?”

“Magic. What don’t you understand? If you are ever in danger, we’re here for you. That’s what magic horses are for! My name is Buck. My mate’s name is Dawn. Your wife, Linda, rides Dawn.”

“Why haven’t you talked until now?” I asked.

“You weren’t in danger. You know, the Sonar attacked because you were in its territory,” Buck said.

“Are there more?”


I said, “We should leave. It’s light anyway.” We packed up. “No time to eat. Let’s go. We’ll stop down the road.”

About 10 miles down the road, I asked Buck if there were any Sonars around. He said no, so we stopped. We fed and watered the horses again, and took out some supplies so we could eat, then we rested. We were only about 10 or 15 miles away from the next town.

We didn’t stay very long before we were on our way. Fifteen miles later, we came riding into Rastle Creek. It was a quiet town, but we got a grand greeting.

“We don’t get many visitors,” said the Mayor. His name was Bob.

I told Mayor Bob that we had a problem with a Sonar about 15 miles east, by the Bismark.

“Mayor Bob,” I asked, “do you have much of a problem with the Sonar?”

“No,” he said, “unless you are mistakenly in their territory.”

“There were no signs up,” I said.

“They get knocked down a lot. But you killed one, huh?”

“Yes,” I said. “It charged our camp. I didn’t have a choice.”

Mayor Bob said, “They have been known to kill humans.”

“I got lucky. Got three shots of while it was charging. Dodge it and brought it down with three more before it could charge again.”

“The whole town is talking. People don’t usually do so well against a Sonar,” he said. “You must be a great hunter!”

“No. I just got lucky,” I answered. “So tell me about the next town going west.”

Mayor Bob said, “About 40 miles west of here, on the coast, is a little fishing town called West Cove. It’s surrounded by ships that were wrecked on the shore and others that have fallen out of the sky. The town itself is about a quarter-mile inland from the ships.

I tell him that Linda and I will leave in the morning and ask if there is a campsite nearby.

“Yes, at the end of town. Stay as long as you want,” he said.

“No Sonars, right?” I asked.

“No, the closest territory is where you were last night,” Mayor Bob said.

So again, we watered and fed the horses, and I thanked Buck again. It had been a hard couple of nights, so I figured we’d sleep well that night at least!

We got up in the morning, and we ate, fed the horses, and started along our way. The further west we went, the denser the forest got. There’s old growth trees, some about 100 feet tall. Just guessing.

It was a nice, sunny day, around 80 degrees. We’d went about 30 miles, and it started to get a little cooler, but it’s always cooler, the closer you get to the coast. The trail got windier, and the wind picked up. The temperature had dropped about five degrees to 75 or so. We figured we were about half a mile or less from the coast when we came around a corner, and a World War II ship was sitting in between some trees. It said “Hood” on the side. I thought it was sunk in the war!

We come around another corner, and ships and planes were scattered for what looked like miles, and through the trees we could see the town of West Cove. As we rode into town, the people all seemed friendly.

“This is West Cove, right? I didn’t see any signs up,” I said.

“Yeah, we need to put a sign back up. We don’t get a lot of visitors, and we did have quite a storm a few months back, which, I think, must have been when the sign blew down,” one man said.

“I hear this is a fishing town,” I said.

“Yes,” he answered, “but you have to watch out for the sea creatures.”

“Sea creatures? What kind of sea creatures?” I asked.

“Giant squid, plesiosaurus (like Loch Ness), and other smaller ones. The fishing here is good, though. Usually, the creatures only come out at night. If we could only get the ships’ motors to work… There must be a dampening field around the planet keeping the engines from running. The native people must have had a problem with invaders or something.”

“There are a few ships here,” he continued, “that must have been U.F.O.s, spaceships, or whatever you want to call them, among the other war ships, Earth ships and planes. I think that’s why the native people left their own planet. The West Cove people are fishermen, but we’re also here to either cancel out the dampening field or find a way to get the motors running despite the dampening field.”

I said, “I should introduce myself. I’m Randy. This is my wife, Linda. And who are you?”

“I’m General Robert Lee—no relation, as far as I know.”

“So you’re not JUST a fishing town?”

“No. If we can get a motor to run, maybe we can go home. We’re trying to get one of the U.F.O.s to run. They’re a different technology than Earth machines. If we can get it to work, there’s a lot of other things the people of this land left that we might be able to get running, too, but only if we can get their technology to work.”

“Is it, perhaps, solar or electric or wind?”

“We’re, of course, trying to utilize those technologies, but our number one priority is getting the spaceships up and running.”

“When did you get to this planet, General?” I asked.

“It was 1946, peacetime. We were experimenting on a naval ship with magnets and lasers in the Bermuda Triangle when we fell through a doorway, ship and all. A green cloud appeared, and all our instruments went wild. Our ship fell here. Our engines quit, and the ship ran aground, almost 75 years ago. Since then, we have hardly aged a day.”

“Have you had any success in 75 years?”

“Just recently, we have engines that run and quit on one spaceship.”

“Can you show me the spaceship?”

“Yes, come with me.”

The General took me to an oblong, rectangular ship. It didn’t appear to have any damage on the outside. It was as long as a football field, but there was no sign of its occupants or of how long it had been sitting there.

“Do you know who left this here? Was it the natives of this land or the invaders?” I asked. “Do you know about the Grays?”

The General said, “Grays? What are they?”

“Aliens,” I said. “Grays abduct people and experiment on them. I wonder if this is their ship.”

“What do they look like?” the General asked.

“They are shorter than most humans and have big heads, big black eyes, and are both sexes in one.”

He said, “How do you know?”

“A friend told me all about them.”

“Are you sure your friend is reliable?” he asked.


“The ship is human—or human-like. The seating, instruments, and language are all human, just far more advanced than anyone has ever seen. Very futuristic!”

“Can we look inside?”

The General opened the doors, and we tied the horses off and walked inside. Amazing! Just looking, I would say it was a native ship.

“What kind of engine does it have?” I asked.

“It’s not any kind we have ever seen. We still don’t understand. We’ve had it running, but when it’s on, you can’t tell, other than it lifted the ship off the ground.”

“Each of the towns around here has an information station, but whatever is killing the engines is keeping them from running, too,” the General said.

“Can you take me to the information station in town?”

The General said yes, and we headed back towards town.

“General, thanks for bringing us to the ship,” I said. “We are going to set up camp just outside of town and get some sleep. We’ll check out the rest of the town tomorrow.”

It had been another long day. We fed the horses and watered them, then set up camp. We built a fire and sat around the campfire to relax, and then finally went to bed and had some restful sleep, but the ground seemed especially hard that night.

—Randy Long


[To be continued!!!]


[That’s what we’ve got, so far! Look for more adventures from Randy Long REAL SOON!!! —RFY]