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“A Good Head and a Good Heart” SWAG! by Richard F. Yates

Now available for humans to consume, “A Good Head and a Good Heart” SWAG! Whether you’re looking for a new t-shirt or a coffee mug or a framed bit of wall modification, The Primitive Entertainment Workshop is here for YOUR … Continue reading

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“REVIEW: The Young Ones”

In 1986, I discovered a weird, British show that was playing on Sunday nights on MTV. It was about a group of college students who shared a house together, although they seemed to hate each other, and the bizarre and … Continue reading

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“Read a Damn Book – 043: Club Dead”

I’ve been reading some difficult things lately, some long, obtuse, heavy works (which I’m having a rough time working through), so I thought I’d set those aside for a bit and tackle some lighter fare. I grabbed the next Sookie … Continue reading

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171 // Finding Something Unexpected In Poland

Originally posted on Mindfump!:
Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram | Bloglovin’ To some people the Kinder Surprise is a small chocolate egg with a toy inside, to others it is a badge of honour, a reward greater than…

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“Silverdale at Night” by Richard F. Yates

I took this photo behind the hotel we stayed at last weekend in Silverdale, WA. It was a cool place, with a fire pit and an outdoor patio attached to the bar, and it was situated right on the bank … Continue reading

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“Cleavage and Tats is Where It’s At” by Michael King

[Okay… Wow… This is a clear-cut case of “Nope, I didn’t see THAT when I drew it…” Michael King’s interpretation of my “Hungry Baby” monster/bird/snake thing was unexpected—but very funny! —RFY] —Michael King

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“(Untitled Bunny Remix)” by Michael King

[Mr. King took yesterday’s “Bunny Frets Over Past Regrets” and made it more CONCRETE! (Or as concrete as marshmallow treats can get—which is pretty concrete, if you leave the package open for a few days.) —RFY] —Michael King

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