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“Read a Damn Book – 025: Duchamp”

Janis Mink – Duchamp (2006) Marcel Duchamp in one of the most important and most notorious artists of the 20th century, and oddly enough he really didn’t make that much ART. I’ve never really considered myself a huge fan of … Continue reading

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“Read a Damn Book – 002: Dada: The Revolt of Art”

As usual, I’m reading four or five books at a time (in the car, a few on the e-reader at night, some in that good, old pulp format), but I did just yesterday finish re-reading a decent book on Dada. … Continue reading

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“October Statement (2015)” by Richard F. Yates

I’m an art guy. I suppose I also qualify as an “artist,” having shown my monsters in fancy buildings with other art humans’ arts, but none of that really means too much in the grand scheme of things. What DOES … Continue reading

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“There were Four of Them, Officer (And I Think I Love Them All…)” by Richard F. Yates

1. The vital instinct. Hardly any leaves left (which means they stayed…) Partly to blame for the event were the sickening lights that blindeded ed the on-lookers (and look-onners, though there were fewer of those.) That night the fog… “What … Continue reading

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“Artists are Revolting: The 3rd Horseshittists’ Manifesto” by Richard F. Yates

Part One: Excommunications Dr. Augeas P. Houyhnhnm and the other members of the Secret Tribunal on Horseshittists’ Ethics, responding to the rogue posting of a 2nd Horseshittists’ Manifesto by recent inductee, Yichard Rates, have declared a state of emergency within … Continue reading

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