“Fun with DADA.nyc!!!” by Richard F. Yates

Howdy folks!

I know I’ve mentioned DADA.nyc a few times in different posts, but I don’t think I’ve actually taken the time to explain exactly what it IS or what you do with it. DADA.nyc is a company (disguised as a web site) that is working to promote art on a mass scale, attempting to encourage EVERYONE to draw and make art, and even trying to help a number of artists (who might not already be getting paid for their artwork) to get paid for their artwork!

In a sense, DADA is an online gallery, but a gallery that encourages folks to draw along with all the regulars (unlike most physical galleries, which tend to get pissy when you come in and start drawing on the walls next to their precious paintings!) What DADA does is this: They provide a set of simple, online tools—a couple of “pens” with variable tip widths, a color pallet, an eraser, even a transparency function (which I hadn’t really messed with much before hanging out on DADA—and now I’ve started experimenting with it in my REGULAR art! I’m GROWING as an artist thanks to my experiences in the DADA community!) And, with these simple tools (they don’t allow uploads of artwork created off site, so EVERYONE has to use the same means of production,) anyone can draw a digital image and post it to the site.

This may not seem particularly revolutionary, but there are three elements of DADA that make it unique and a force for artistic GOOD (in my opinion):

1. The DADA.nyc community is very supportive, friendly, and open to experimenting with a variety of styles and topics. Whether you are drawing abstract art or comics or intricate / intimate fine art, there are folks at DADA who will appreciate your style and provide encouragement—especially if you are a newbie to the “conversation.”

2. Like other social media platforms, DADA.nyc allows people to “follow” others, to “heart” drawings, and to make comments—but unlike other sites, DADA encourages CONVERSATION THROUGH ART, and the way they accomplish this is by allowing folks to “add on” to a drawing (or respond in some way.) When someone posts a creation, a button appears to the right of the piece that creates another panel right up against the original where others can draw something that continues the piece (or takes off from the original in a new direction.) There is also an “eye-dropper” tool lets you snatch the color of the drawing you’re responding to, which helps creates the sense that the two (or more) drawings are one long continuous work (although you don’t HAVE to continue with the same color if that’s not how you want to respond.) It’s not uncommon for a drawing to inspire six or eight or dozen responses or more! Some of these, laid out first to last, can be INCREDIBLY impressive, as you scan across the composite work, almost like reading a comic-strip, and watch as the story unfolds, panel after panel.

3. The third unique element of DADA is the gallery of crypto-artwork, from which average folks (like you) can BUY a digital piece of art with Ethereum (a cryptocurrency.) (I feel like I’ve talked a lot about crypto-art and cryptocurrency lately, so I’m not going too heavily into that stuff right now. There are several good articles, videos, and podcasts on crypto-art that are easy to find, so I’d recommend just doing a web search if you’re in the dark on these topics. There’s even a great episode of the Dank Rares podcast in which Bea Ramos, one of the founders of DADA.nyc, explains how DADA works and what she is hoping the platform can help accomplish…) Anyway, some of the most exciting and interesting art that has been produced on DADA has been made available for folks to purchase as “rare digital drawings.” This first batch of artwork is called the “Creeps & Weirdos” collection, and it HIGHLIGHTS just how much can be done with the seemingly simple tools on the DADA site. (And, NO, I do not have any drawings for sale at DADA. I’m still far too new! That’s right, I’m pushing product that isn’t even MINE! Weird, eh…)

DADA.nyc is a fun, exciting, encouraging community that is creating some fantastic individual pieces and epic collaborative works. If you are interested in modern art, like AT ALL, this platform is something that you really should check out, and I’m certain that the effects of DADA (both as an artistic force AND as a business, with their cleverly designed “smart contracts” that continue to pay artists for sales of their works each and every time the work is sold and resold, are brilliant. I think this element of the business is going to prove a game changer in the long run—but I’m neither a businessman NOR a tech-guy, so I may not know what I’m talking about.)

For the four or five of you who might be curious about what I’ve contributed to DADA, I’m including images of several of my drawings below. Some of these pieces started lively conversations on DADA, and a couple of these drawings were my responses to other people’s work:

1. “Contending with the Chorus”
dada 1 - contending with the chorus - (peg)

2. “Midcentury Modern Snake”
dada 2 - midcentury modern snake - (peg)

3. “Behind the Worry Wall”
dada 3 - behind the worry wall - (peg)

4. “(Untitled)”
dada 4 - untitled

5. “Beastly Beast (With Hat & Tie)”
dada 5 - beastly beast (with hat & tie)

6. “This Spirit Likes to Play”
dada 6 - this spirit likes to play

7. “(Untitled)”
dada 7 - untitled

8. “Creatures of Night (In Yellow)”
dada 8 - creatures of night (in yellow)

I really hope that more people will take a look at DADA and start contributing to the conversation. If YOU happen to find your way to the site, look me up!

I’m listed as: richard f. yates

Super creative name, right!? Hopefully, I’ll see you there!?!?

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



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