“Trudging On (Crypto-Art, Steemit.com, Elections, and another Milestone!)” by Richard F. Yates

Hey folks! It’s getting colder here in the Pacific Northwest! (The temperature gage in the car (which isn’t always accurate) said it was 37 degrees (f) on the drive to take Mariah to work this morning! That’s cold enough to SNOW—but not cold enough for the snow to stick… Still pretty cold!)

In sad news, I lost a book AND some artwork recently… My wife and I have reconstructed this MOST LIKELY situation for what went down. During our (terrifying) flight from the John Wayne Airport (Orange County) to PDX (in Portland, Oregon,) last week, I gave Mariah my Karen Stollznow – Would You Believe It? book to read, to help her pass the time while I listened to a MonsterTalk podcast on my digital media player (to help drown out the sounds of the flight, which freak me out—I’m a SERIOUSLY anxious flyer, assuming that every bump of turbulence is a wing falling off.) Anyway, as we were preparing to LAND the plane, Mariah returned the book to me, but instead of immediately putting it into my backpack, which was under the seat, I put the book in the compartment on the back of the seat in front of me. I was in a near panic, so I wasn’t thinking. Then, when the plane landed, I forgot to grab the book. Argh! Mariah assures me that she’ll rebuy the book for me for Christmas (which is good for Dr. Stollznow—she’ll get a double paycheck from me for that book, and that’s great! Keep up the great work, Dr. Stollznow!!!)

HOWEVER!!! I had also created a mini-zine over the course of the trip to California (made by taking a piece of drawing paper out of my sketchbook and folding it into quarters, then numbering the pages 1 to 8. It’s a standard method for making a mini-zine…) And I’m fairly certain that I’d stuck the zine, which was complete—eight pages of art, observations, and snark, into the back of my Karen Stollznow book to help keep the pages of the zine from getting battered about in my backpack. And then I left the book on the plane—meaning I left the ZINE on the plane as well… I’m not sure what they do with books that are left on planes, but I can imagine some person finding the book and going, “This looks pretty cool,” but then this weird zine—with little monsters and some guy making freaky, snarky comments and observations for eight pages—comes falling out of the back of it, and the person picks it up and flips through it, and starts to feel a little creeped out. The book probably survived the process, but I’m guessing that the zine ended up in the trash. (Oh well… I’m sure I’ll make another one!) (Sometimes art and writing get destroyed. I’ve learned to live with this fact and will continue to trudge on!!!)

trudging on (8 nov. 2018) by rfy - (peg)

In slightly more exciting news, I’m still making CRYPTO-ART! I’ve been playing around on DADA.nyc quite a bit (which is a ball,) and I’ve added a few more Crypto-Primitive Trading Cards to my MakersPlace store and created a Crypto-Art Gallery to show off the works I’ve created so far, and I’ve ALSO, recently, been accepted to contribute artwork to the SuperRare site!!! (Which is very cool, although I’m not quite set up there yet!) I’m also about a week into my Steemit.com experience—and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. I like the platform, and the concept of being rewarded for content that I’ve created in cryptocurrency instead of just a “thumbs-up” is extremely appealing—but as a newbie on the site, it’s tough to get eyes on what I’ve made. I’m only five days old on the site, so I don’t have much of a following, and (probably the most frustrating aspect) I also don’t have many “resource credits,” which is what you “spend” in order to make posts, comment on other people’s work, up-vote things, and give other creators a bit of cash—it’s all very, very cool, although my vote is only worth about a penny at the moment. The longer you are on the site and the more votes you get, the more clout you build up. Folks with lots of “STEEM POWER” can give as much as $10.00 per up-vote! It’s all incredibly cool—but with my limited Steem Power, I can only post one or two things a day OR comment on two or three people’s posts OR vote a dozen times or so (and every time I vote, my voting power drops a bit. The FIRST vote of the day is worth a full 100 percent, the second is worth 90-something percent, and so on… And it takes quite a while for resource credits to recharge. For me, it takes about five days to go from zero resource credits to full power. This can all be a bit frustrating, considering how excited I am about the platform and how much I want to get out there and comment and post stuff and up-vote all this great content I’m seeing—but you have to pace yourself and be patient. (Or you can spend money and BUY Steem Power, pay to play, but that’s only if you HAVE money to spend—and I don’t.) I’m assuming that the longer you stick with it the more enjoyable the experience becomes, and even with my limited abilities, it is pretty cool. One of my posts already made a DOLLAR! I think that’s more than all the 6,000+ posts I’ve put on THIS site have made put together!!! We’ll see how it all shakes out in the end!!

In uncomfortable news (as I’m not usually very politically minded,) we’ve lived through another election!!! My wife and I both voted, and we hope you did, too. There were a few disappointing results (I can’t believe that the carbon tax failed in Washington State! People ENJOY having asthma, and they want to allow companies to continue pumping toxins into the air without being punished for it? This seems almost DEATH-WISHY to me, but whatever…) And it was sad seeing a few charismatic folks lose their bids for election, but we trudge on! Some GREAT news, however, came in the form of SEVERAL SCIENTISTS who WON their races, so we will now have some genuine scientific minds in the House of Representatives (to help counter those folks who seem to only be able to count on their fingers and who believe that thunder is the gods expressing anger at how sinful we are!) I’d also like to congratulate the LGBTQ candidates who were successful in their races—it’s a glimmer of hope—plus the Native American and Islamic candidates who won, not to mention the huge percentage of female candidates who were successful. Maybe these non-straight/white/male/Christian perspectives will help to keep future government proceedings more balanced and less dominated by the 1860’s mindset that’s plagued American politics of late. (I am a straight/white/male myself, but I have learned this weird thing called EMPATHY, which gives me the super-power of understanding that my opinions might not be the ONLY VALID opinions and an awareness of the possibility that other perspectives than my own might exist!) (Soup-Box Mode: deactivated…)

And last, I’d like to congratulate myself for a little milestone. As of today (8 Nov. 2018,) I have posted to this site, every single day, without missing even one, for 500 days in a row! I suppose that means I should get some big prize, right? Like 47 million dollars and a lifetime supply of Gritty Kitty kitty litter… Right? Am I right? Instead, I got a digital badge that said I’m on a streak. Okay. Better than nothing… I’ll trudge on…

Thanks for listening! And sorry about the politics thing, but I had to acknowledge it. Whatever quadrant of the political grid you find yourself in, I hope you voted and expressed your opinion. I know that politics are touchy, and the only negative comment I’ve ever received on this site was for an anti-Trump post that I created right after he was elected, so thanks for indulging me and for reading on! (BOTH of you who made it this far!!!) See you in the funny papers!!!

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



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