“Postal Art Received from R. Giles in the U.K.!!!”

Howdy folks, as some of you may know, I was once a regular contributor/receiver in the “MAIL ART” game, in which folks draw, paint, collage, sculpt, or compile little pieces of art and then send them to each other through the mail. It’s a bit like having a pen pal, but instead of swapping letters, you swap art. It was a lot of fun, and I still have a strong urge to send stuff out just about every day—and on rare occasions, I still receive lovely little packages from folks who are still in the game and who have my mailing address.

With these thoughts in mind, let’s take a journey back to about SEVEN years ago, when I initiated a “mail art call” for a group show I was putting together called “MONSTER PARTY!” I asked folks to send me MONSTERS, and a bunch of people did, and my family and I gathered up all the monsters that people sent in, and we got permission to set up a temporary gallery space at a local arcade (it was called Minus World, in Longview, WA, USA—and it is still missed to this day,) and we had a little Halloween party and displayed the art. We had people come in costumes and everyone played video games and ate food and looked at all the cool monster art, and it was a smashing success (for the couple dozen folks who came to the event!) After the “show” was over, the MONSTER PARTY! group, where I created the call for artwork (and which was hosted on the “International Union of Mail Artists” site) went to sleep.

For SOME reason, however, the group sat, dormant, for about six years, and then just a few months ago, it suddenly woke up, and people started posting NEW monsters to the forum—and I even started receiving monsters in the mail again!!! (Maybe there’s just something about the world right now that’s making people think of monsters…)

My most recent acquisition, which I got yesterday, is a cool bundle from R. Giles in the U.K. It consists of a very cool, decorated envelope; a wonderful, painted monster (I’m guessing acrylic and ink on cardstock—but it might be watercolor or gouache paint… It doesn’t really matter what it’s painted with—because it’s cool;) a tiny little ATC (or “artist trading card”;) and a self-deprecating lottery ticket! It was an exciting and entertaining package to open!!!

uk 1 - (peg)

uk 2 - (peg)

uk 3 - (peg)

uk 4 - (peg)

uk 5 - (peg)

uk 6 - (peg)

I really do miss the postal art community, which is a fun, supportive group of creative folks. If the costs of postage weren’t so high, I’d love to get back into it again. Meanwhile, to supplement my “in-group”-slash-community needs, I’m still enjoying playing around at DADA.nyc, and I’ve recently joined the group at community.curio.cards AND I’ve applied for spot on steemit.com, and I’m just waiting to see if I get in!!! (I think, as long as they don’t read too much into my ironic rant posts, I won’t come across as too offensive!)

I’m still freaking out over the whole crypto-art / blockchain thing, too, and I’ve been watching videos on these topics and reading articles and listening to the Dank Rares Blockchain Art Podcast (the latter of which is quite fun—but also remarkably technical. Who would have thought that being an ARTIST would also mean being familiar with PROMOTION and TECHNOLOGY and MARKET FLUCTUATIONS and TRANSACTION COSTS and DATA MINING and SPECULATIVE INVESTING… Really, all I want to do is draw some colorful monsters and make people laugh, and MAYBE get enough dough from those monsters to cover my production costs! So far, I’ve got the MAKING MONSTERS thing down pretty well, but I’m SHIT at the covering expenses part of the equation… Oh well…)

So, there you go. If you don’t know anything about MAIL ART, and you like participating in cool community activities with super-creative folks from all over the world, then I recommend looking into it. Being a postal artist can be a fantastically fun experience! AND, if you’re into cutting edge technology and speculative markets and mixing art with ultra-modern tech, then you NEED to get into the crypto-art scene. It’s all exciting and shit! (End: soap box mode…)

AND AND, THANKS AGAIN, Ms. Giles, for the WONDERFUL monster package!!!

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



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