“Battling the Heat in the Pacific Northwest!” by Richard F. Yates

Howdy folks! It’s Wednesday, just a bit after the NOON hour, and climbing steadily towards 90 degrees F…IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST! It’s OBSCENE. I double-checked my PNW Contract, and it’s supposed to be 71 degrees and overcast, with a slight chance of afternoon showers, until the second week of August, but NO! It’s already been in the 90s a few times this summer. (I wonder if I’m going to have to move to Alaska to stay cool and keep my ghostly pallor???)

Anyway, this is my mid-week check-in. How are you people doing? I’m doing okay, I suppose. Still writing. Still making silly little monsters. Listening to a lot of music lately. And still job hunting, which sucks. To avoid the MASSIVE depression that tends to go along with a job search, I’m leaning pretty heavily on the tunes. (It helps.) But, so as not to sound like too much of a Donald-Downer, I do have a few Pollyanna Points that I can be happy for: I got spoiled for my birthday (which I tried to cancel this year, but was unable to); I’m still alive at 46 (which is pretty hard to believe); my wife and kids are all still alive and healthy; the blue skies makes for some cool sunsets in the evenings; I MIGHT get to go see Antman and The Wasp this weekend (if it’s still playing in town); and I’m really enjoying the books that I’m reading at the moment (although I’m not going to reveal what they are, yet, since I’ll be reviewing both of them pretty soon. They’re both LONG, but in a good way. I love a long text when the material covered within is enjoyable!)

For my “SELLING OUT” portion of this week’s check-in, I’ve posted more images to the Print-on-Demand sites: Redbubble and Threadless. I think Threadless is a bit cheaper on the t-shirt prices, but Redbubble has more VARIETY to their products. (I wouldn’t recommend buying the stickers, though. They weren’t as fancy as I’d hoped when I last saw them, although that was a few years ago. Maybe they’ve improved since then? REGARDLESS, it’s tough to go wrong with a postcard! And postcards are not only cool, they’re a CHEAP way to collect art! (For some reason, the postcards are hidden in the “stationary” section. Under “stationary,” you click “greeting card,” and then look under the “size” drop-down menu to find “4 x 6 postcard.” I think it’s kind of stupid that they made it so hard to get to them, but at least they’re THERE!)

I almost forgot, I actually sold a pair of tights off of Redbubble to someone in Germany a few days ago. (If you’re reading this, “THANK YOU!!!”) I looked at my track record on that site, and I’ve actually sold 35 different items, which is pretty cool! I appreciate every purchase!

Anyway, here’s this week’s “SELLING OUT” selections:

“Happy Death Mountains”

happy death mountains by rfy - (peg)

“Happy Death Mountains” on Redbubble
“Happy Death Mountains” on Threadless

“My Robot’s Broken (Your Necklace is Too Long)”

my robots broken (your necklace is too long) by rfy - (peg)

“My Robot’s Broken (Your Necklace is Too Long)” on Redbubble
“My Robot’s Broken (Your Necklace is Too Long)” on Threadless

“Exploring the Unknown”

exploring the unknown (5 jan 2017) by rfy - (peg)

“Exploring the Unknown” on Redbubble
“Exploring the Unknown” on Threadless

“Sacky Sighting”Sacky Sighting

“Sacky Sighting” on Redbubble
“Sacky Sighting” on Threadless

“The Dangers of Travel by Thought Bubble”

the dangers of travel by thought bubble (jan. 2017) by rfy - (peg)

“The Dangers of Travel by Thought Bubble” on Redbubble
“The Dangers of Travel by Thought Bubble” on Threadless

“Losin’ Yo Mind”

losin yo mind by rfy - (peg)

“Losin’ Yo Mind” on Redbubble
“Losin’ Yo Mind” on Threadless

“His Imagination Got Loose!”

his imagination got loose by rfy - (peg)

“His Imagination Got Loose!” on Redbubble
“His Imagination Got Loose!” on Threadless

And that’s it for this week’s “SELLING OUT” selections. If none of those designs strike your fancy, we have a number of different options available for rich folks who enjoy our Primitive shenanigans to show their SUPPORT. You can buy one of our books, take a look at some of our postcards, purchase a book FOR us from our Amazon Book Wish List, or just throw a couple of bucks at Ko-Fi! (All equally cool. We’re easy…) You could also share one of our posts with your friends (especially if they’re WEALTHY!) or just leave a comment about what you enjoy or don’t about the project! (It’s not going to buy dinner, but a little feedback is always appreciated!)

Okay, enough groveling. I’m heading off to READ A DAMN BOOK! (You probably should, too, before it becomes illegal…)

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



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Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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