“Interview with Randy Long and Lucille Davis, 11 July 2018” by Richard F. Yates

[I stopped by the house of Randy Long (my uncle) and Lucille Davis (my grandma) yesterday for a visit, and Randy started telling me about his Bigfoot sighting. I stopped him and pulled out my phone to record a quick interview… —RFY]

Richard F. Yates – “Alright, we are in Longview, Washington, talking to Randy Long about his Bigfoot sighting. About what year are you thinkin’? Seventies?”

Randy Long – “No. This was early nineties or late…yeah, early nineties.”

RFY – “So early nineties. Bigfoot sighting…and you were where?”

RL – “Crater Lake area.”

RFY – “Crater Lake, Oregon,”

RL – “Yeah.”

RFY – “Okay, so go ahead and set the stage. You were telling me it was somewhere getting’ close to afternoon/evening…”

RL – “And I was driving. I come around this corner, and a flash goes across in front of me. It looked like it could have been a bear or something, but it was standing upright, swinging its arms back and forth, crossing the road in a big hurry. It could have been a Bigfoot…I couldn’t swear to it.”

RFY – “And you have a particular opinion about this, Grandma Lucy?”

Lucille Davis – [Noise of surprise…]

RFY – [Laughter]

Lucille – “I don’t know. I wasn’t there.”

RFY – “[To Lucille] Yeah, you weren’t there… [To Randy] But you did have a witness, you said, but…”

RL – “But they were looking at the floor, and when I told them to look, by the time they looked it was already gone.”

RFY – “Now you say you didn’t think it was a bear because it had certain characteristics…”

RL – “It had characteristics of a man, but hair all over it, and it was moving its arms back and forth and not up in the air like a bear would.”

RFY – “Right. Now, just seconds, you’re talkin’?”

RL – “Seconds.”

RFY – “You were saying, you were driving on the road…”

RL – “Driving around a corner out in the middle of nowhere, near Crater Lake. A dry area. It was late afternoon, and this goes across in front of me. Startled me. I actually stopped and pulled over, got out and looked, and there was nothing to be seen by that time.”

RFY – “Wow! You weren’t scared or anything like that?”

RL – “No. It didn’t come to ‘get me’ or anything. It was just going across the road.”

RFY – “[Laughter] Right. So what… Did you have weird feelings? You know. Because I’m reading a book right now about a guy who thinks they’re psychic. You didn’t have any psychic fear or anything weird like that?”

RL – “No, and they didn’t try to teleport my ass or nothin’.”

RFY – “[Laughter.] Is that your only Bigfoot sighting, as far as you remember?”

RL – “That I care to talk about at the moment.”

RFY – “Yeah. The only one you actually saw-saw?”

RL – “Yes.”

RFY – “Alright, and you said…”

LD – “And what makes you think there is any Bigfoot?”

RL – “There’s too many sightings…sightings from Indians and things like that down through the years to not believe it, not to mention there’s too many U.F.O. sightings. I think it’s all intertwined.”

RFY – “Intertwined?”

LD – “If there is a Bigfoot, how come nobody ever sees them in the woods?”

RL – “What did I just say? I said U.F.O.s / Bigfoots.”

LD – “Oh, okay…”

RFY – “Yeah?”

RL – “U.F.O.s ARE the Bigfoot.”

RFY – “U.F.O.s are the Bigfoot?”

LD – “Huhn’t uh…”

RFY – [Laughter]

RL – “Who’s to say?

RFY – “Alright, so that’s a rap. Any other thoughts on this one?”

RL – “Not now. No.”

RFY – “Not now? [To Lucille] How about you? Any other thoughts on this one?”

LD – “No! I’ll pass on that! [Laughter]”

RFY – “Alright! Thanks for playing!”

And that’s where the interview ends. Now, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m not a Bigfoot or U.F.O. believer (or EXPERIENCER,) but as Grandma Lucy says, I wasn’t there, so I can’t say Randy was wrong. Both he and my Uncle Tim (who you might remember from a previous post) have seen what they believe was a Bigfoot with their own eyes. They have also seen U.F.O.s, as has Grandma Lucy, who once saw a fleet of (she says about 15 or 20) cigar shaped objects flying in the sky, and she pointed them out to Randy, who also witnessed them. Again, I wasn’t there, and I don’t know what they saw…but I love the stories and find them endlessly fascinating!

I also really enjoyed the interview process. I might try to do more of them! Whether I do or not, KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES (and drive slow on those back-roads! You don’t want to run anyone or anyTHING over!!!

bigfoot ufos

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



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