“Cardboard Boat Regatta 2018 @ Lake Sacajawea, Longview, WA, USA” by Richard F. Yates

As part of the “Go Fourth” Festival every year here in Longview, the city puts on a cardboard boat race, and this year we (Mariah, and Frankie, and I) packed up some chairs and a blanket, and we headed down to the lake early to get a spot in the shade. (I need shade, or I’ll combust in the evil sunrays…) Ellie and Gabe met us when Ellie got done with school, and Grandma Lucy and Uncle Tim and Cousin Skye and her husband and daughter all showed up, as well. We eventually had quite a crowd!

01 - (peg)

BUT we were also quite a ways from the ACTION…

02 - (peg)

03 - (peg)

04 - (peg)

While we waited for the boats to hit the water, almost everyone went around to the booths and looked at the festival wares. Then, of course, they grabbed some food: curly fries, cotton candy, coffee, elephant ears, giant pepperoni sticks, bbq salmon… Good stuff!

Then, finally, at about 5:30 P.M., they started putting the boats in the water! (Remember, we were REALLY far away, so these pictures are pretty small, but you’ll still probably get the point.)

05 - (peg)

06 - (peg)

07 - (peg)

08 - (peg)

Another interesting fact: these boats are made of CARDBOARD, which isn’t always the most water-friendly substance, and they were (mostly) created by folks just out to have a good time, not nautical engineers. SOME boats didn’t make it all the way around the course.

09 - (peg)

10 - (peg)

And in case you were wondering if only HUMANS like to watch the event, NO! Many species come on down to witness the tom-foolery! We even shared our blanket with a frog for a bit.

11 - (peg)

All in all, it was a great, fun time. Sure, Frankie wore flip-flops, and subsequently got huge blisters on her feet from all the walking, and it was pretty cold thanks to a chill-wind, but it’s always a good time hanging out with the family. Really, it was just an excuse to go DO something—to LIVE LIFE instead of letting it slip by. Maybe the event was hokey, and the food was overpriced, and the junk for sale in the booths was unnecessary, and the place was almost too crowded for an agoraphobe like me (or worse, Ellie, who got overstimulated and had to leave before the event was over,) but it was still FUN! And, I always enjoy spending time with this lady (even though she’s a bit of a weirdo!)

12 - (peg)

That’s it! Be sure to keep an eye out for chances to live your life!!!

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



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