“Further Adventures – Bigfoot (Part 7)” by Randy Long

[If you’re just joining us for Randy Long’s epic adventure story, you’ll probably want to read the early parts of the tale first. Do that by going HERE. Once you’re all caught up, we can get right back into the ACTION!!! Everybody ready, then HERE WE GO!!! —RFY]

We left the city of New Life and headed back the way we came. It was a good thing we’d marked our way. Three days of hard riding and we reached the doorway. Beyond the bushes was the door. We rode the horses through, but something was wrong.

It transported us somewhere different, not back to the Elfin world. Buck and Dawn both said that we didn’t return to their home world but had gone somewhere else. This was not the Gray’s planet, either. At least we could breathe there, but a lot was different!

There was only one sun in the sky—and it was daylight, but the grass was blue, and the trees were blue, and there were fields of flowers of many different colors. We hadn’t seen any people or animals, yet, only a few birds that were the size of crows, but bright green!

We didn’t know where we were, but it was getting late. We needed to rest. We could see what this place was like in the morning. We didn’t light a fire or eat anything but the food and water we’d brought with us.

Nothing happened during the night. We marked the doorway we came through and went exploring. We heard something coming through the brush. It was six horses that came trotting up.

We heard the horse closest to us say, “Humans! Get off those horses, now!”

Buck spoke up and said to us, “Stay where you are,” then to the horses, “These are our friends.” He said, “My name is Buck, and my mate’s name is Dawn. Who are you?”

“I’m Black Bart, and my friends are Little Joe, Old Blue, and the three in the back are Julie, April, and Mae. We, the horses, are the dominant rulers on this planet!”

Buck said, “What is the name of this planet?”

Black Bart said, “We call it Animal World. Humans do what we say, and they don’t ride on our backs!”

Buck said, “These are our friends. They treat us as equals. What other animals are here, and which ones talk?”

“Most animals talk. Don’t they talk where you come from?”

Buck said, “No. Just humans, elves, and some horses.”

Black Bart said, “What are elves?”

Buck said, “Elves are small humans with small, pointed ears and magical powers,” then he asked, “What do you eat here?”

“The grass is very good for you. The humans eat fish and plants.”

Buck said, “Where we come from, the grass is green. Are there any rules we need to know? Like can humans build a fire here?”

“Fire? What’s that?”

We gathered some wood and grass, and we made a pit and put the wood in it. We started the fire, and the horses all backed up.

“What is it for?” Black Bart asked.

“To cook and keep warm. We sit around it,” I said, “but don’t get too close.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, human!”

“I’m just sayin’…” I said.

Buck said, “For your safety. You could get hurt. Fire is good, but you need to be careful.”

Bart said, “It feels warm, but what’s that?” He motions with his head.

“Smoke. It comes off fire. Don’t let fire get out of hand. Always put it out if it gets any bigger than this. You can put it out by putting water on it,” Buck says.

“We do have friends here,” Black Bart says. “There’s centaurs. Their fronts are human, and the rest is horse.” Black Bart sounds out a mournful whinny, and a few minutes later a centaur trotted up.

The centaur said, “Black Bart, is there something wrong?”

“No, my friend. I want you to meet some off-worlders. The horses come from a world where there are elves.”

The centaur said, “I haven’t seen elves in a century or so!”

Bart said, “You see these humans? They come from a world where humans rule and animals don’t speak. They say there are no centaurs there.”

“No centaurs? It must be a dreadful place. And humans rule? That’s hard to believe.”

“They have seen a world that has Bigfoot people, and there are humans there, too. And another where there are creatures like people, but they are gray in color with big eyes, and they are mean and not to be trusted. They experiment on others and trap them,” Buck said.

“Sounds terrible,” the centaur said.

“The humans are friends to the horses in their company, and they ride on their backs!” Black Bart said.

“And they LET them?” the centaur said.

“Yes. They say they will be leaving soon,” Black Bart said.

“Humans rule…” the centaur said. “How funny, but if animals don’t talk, and there are no centaurs, maybe so.”

Linda and I talked, and we decided to go back. Buck and Dawn agreed.

“The colors here…” Buck said. “We can’t wait to get back home where the colors are normal, and animals are, too.”

We said our goodbyes and left, heading back to the porthole. We went through the doorway and everything looked normal again. The grass was green, blue sky, but again, something seemed wrong.

“I don’t think we’ve been to this world either,” I said. We decided to explore, and we rode for what seemed like hours.

“We’ve been here all day,” I said. “No animals, no humans, no nothing. Not even birds. It’s strange.”

We camped for the night, but none of us slept very well. No noises. It was real odd.

The next day we decided to ride west for a day. We did but found no one or nothing. Nothing but old roads, but no one using them. No signs of any towns, either.

We figured we were at least 20 miles away from the doorway, and still no one was around, but some small animals finally started showing up at 20 miles out. No people and no towns, though. It was so quiet you could hear for miles. I seen a few rabbits, but nothing else.

We all went to sleep again and woke up the next morning after another uneventful night. We road another 15 miles but found nothing but a few more rabbits. We camped for a third night, and about an hour before sunrise, we heard a lot of noise, people talking, and a sound like water rushing, and something that sounded like a train coming towards us. As the sun rose, we found we were suddenly in the middle of a town that wasn’t there when we went to sleep!

We got up, and I asked the first person I saw, “Where did you come from?”

He said, “This town is called ‘Relocator.’ OUR town moves four times a year. It doesn’t matter how big the town gets, it moves four times a year. All four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter, the town moves, but it always moves to summer type locations because it’s always sunny and warm in Relocator. Animals, people, everything moves.”

I asked, “Are there other towns that do this? And what world is this?”

He said, “The world is Summer, of course.” Then he said, “Who are you? And aren’t you from here?”

I replied, “No, we’re not from here. We’re travelers.”

He said, “I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t from Summer. You look just like us.”

“I assure you, I’m just like you, but I’m from a planet called Earth,” I said. “Are there other towns like Relocator on Summer?”

He told me he didn’t know. He’d been in that town his whole life. “Come and meet the rest of the townspeople.”

We went and met the others, and no one in the town had ever seen anyone from another town.

I asked, “Hasn’t anyone ever left this town?” Everyone I talked to said no. I said, “That’s really strange. No one has ever left town. Why?”

“No one ever grows old in town, once they go through puberty and before the change of life, you never get any older.”

“So let me get this straight. Because you don’t get any older, you never left town, you never found out if anybody else is on this planet, if there IS anyone else or not?” I asked. “Maybe nobody on this planet grows old, or maybe you’re right and it’s your town that keeps you young. But if you never leave town, you’ll never know.”

“Well, we’re not getting any younger,” I said, “so we’re leaving.” We packed up our things and headed out of town, heading back to the doorway.

We reached the doorway and went through.

“I hope we are on our way home now,” Buck spoke up, and then he said, “I think we’re home! We’ll see if we can find the castle.”

We retraced our movements from before and came to a field. Buck said to me, “Being a magic horse, there are several different phrases we can use to open the castle.”

Then Buck said, “OPEN SAYS ME!” The castle appeared, and Buck, Dawn, Linda, and I went in through the castle gate. We were greeted and taken to the King.

The King asked me how we were and said we’d been gone almost a year.

“Really? For us it’s only been a couple of months on a couple of worlds!”

The Elfin king said that a lot had happened since we left. “We are glad you’re back. The Grays were here and attacked. It’s a good thing we have Elfin magic and magic horses. They were not expecting magic. We appeared on their ships and took them out. Their losses were great, but we lost some, also. I don’t think they’ll be back for a long time.”

“We took four of their ships,” the King continued, “and destroyed another eight ships. None of their ships left our planet. None of the Grays left either. I’m sure they won’t be coming here again for a long time. So, Randy, what are your plans?”

“I think Linda and I are going to try to go home by way of the Bigfoot planet,” I said. “Buck and Dawn are home, and they’re great friends. We will miss them when we go home.”

“You won’t be taking them?”

“No, they’re home, and I want them to be free,” I said.

“They will be,” the King replied.

“They have been good friends, and we wouldn’t be here without them.”

The King said, “I have something for you, my friend.” From around his neck, he pulled a necklace with a pendant attached to it and writing on it. It says “Elves” on one side in silver, and on the side in gold it says, “Humans.”

The King told me, “It’s a doorway key. There were two keys—pendant keys. If you concentrate at a doorway, the pendant key will take you to the planet you desire. Giving the magic horses their freedom is an honorable thing to do. Therefore, go in peace, and if you ever want to come back, wish upon the pendant key and say, ‘Open says me,’ and the castle will appear.”

“Good luck my friends,” I said to the magic horses. “We know this is your home and the King has granted your freedom. We will miss you!”

“Let us at least take you to the doorway,” Buck said.

“That would be great. In the morning,” I said. We all got to sleep that night, and all slept good. Buck and Dawn were there to greet us first thing in the morning.

We all went back to the doorway in the morning and said our goodbyes, then, holding hands, Linda and I concentrated with the pendant key around my neck, and we walked through the doorway—and we were back in Twin Phoenix, the Bigfoot planet. We were completely exhausted from all our traveling. It was time to put up camp and have a long rest!

—Randy Long

[To be continued???? We just don’t know. I called Randy last night and begged him to write more, and he said that maybe he would! If you want more from Randy Long, send a comment, and I’ll pass it along to him!!! I think we need a showdown between the Grays and the Bigfoot people, don’t you??? Or, at the very least, a new squirrel story! Who’s with me? —RFY]



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