“Catalog of ADVENTURE!” by Richard F. Yates

Some of you REGULAR folks might have noticed a bit of a decrease in the amount of content over the last few days, and I can assure you that I’ve had good reason for being lax in my virtual duties. I have, in fact, been involved in numerous adventure in the REAL WORLD!!! (It felt strange, but I’m mostly glad that I left the house… Mostly…) In addition to helping prepare for the up-coming FESTIVAL season, which begins next weekend (I’ll be at FANTASTACON in Tacoma, Washington, with Michael King, helping to hock Bonemill, H.E.X., and Art Horse wares,) I’ve also been involved in THREE PRIMARY EVENTS over the last few days which have consumed my usual WORK time and kept my attention focused on the silly PHYSICAL WORLD. Here’s a rundown of those goings-on!

LIBRARY BOOK SALE @ The Longview Public Library in Longview, WA, USA.

On Thursday, Mariah (“The Wife”) and I gave our lunch breaks to the LPL and made a book purchasing expedition. Mariah found a couple of mystery novels, a pair of Obama biographies, and a book about Houdini!!! (I’ll probably read that last one, too.) I went to work on the “classics” section and pretty much picked it clean. I bought a bunch of great books (although many of these were re-acquisitions, as I’ve owned most of these books before, but I’ve loaned them out or lost them in various moves… As you probably know, when you’re involved in the kind of LIFESTYLE that I have, cavorting with monsters and secret societies and evil forces, you find yourself having to up-and-move pretty quickly sometimes, and it’s not uncommon for BITS to get left behind as you’re fleeing… I mean RELOCATING!) Anyway, at only a quarter or fifty cents a pop, it’s tough to turn down Twain, Virgil, Plato, Euripides, Dylan Thomas, William Blake, Jung, Ovid, Nietzsche…or Stephen King… I also found a book that explores the concept of role playing games, written by Gary Gygax, one of the creators of Dungeons & Dragons! Mariah and I struck gold, really, walking out of the trenches with a sack-full of joy for about ten bucks!

library book sale - (peg)


Thursday evenings, since about September, I’ve functioned as one-third of the bowling team “Big Dong Joe’s.” (There IS a story for where that name comes from, but I’m not going to tell it right now… Maybe later…) Along with my younger daughter, Elise, and our compatriot, Shane Grove (who has drawn a few items for the P.E.W., as well as writing a review of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for the Read a Damn Book project), we’ve knocked down pins and been (relatively) social at the only remaining bowling alley in our town. As far as the league went, we did okay throughout the season, sometimes UP and sometimes DOWN… (Ellie and Shane are BIG TIME bowlers, both averaging over 210 each. I am NOT like that.) Anyway, Thursday night was the final sweeper tournament of the season, and as you can see from the pictures below, we had some cheer leaders egging us on, who helped give us the energy to finish SECOND in the tournament, and we took home a couple of extra bucks (which I spent today on comics—SEE BELOW!)

bowling 1
bowling 2
bowling 3

ALSO of interest, Mr. Grove gave me a copy of his new book to read! (I’m pretty sure he wrote it just for kicks, and I don’t think it’s for sale for normal humans, unfortunately. If that changes in the future, I’ll let you folks know!)

shanes book - (peg)

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY @ I Like Comics, Vancouver, WA, USA.

And then this morning, my older daughter, Frankie, wanted someone to go with her to F.C.B.D. at her favorite comic shop, I LIKE COMICS, and I volunteered to drive her down (as opposed to letting her drive on the freeway by herself—I’m pretty phobic about cars and driving… And, yes, there’s a story behind THAT phobia, too, but I’m not going into it today, either…) Frankie dressed up as Harley Quinn for the event, which was fun, and we went elbow to elbow with the hardcore comic nerds looking for bargains. We managed to get there early enough for Frank to grab one of the free comics, and I dug for bargains in the $4.00 graphic novel boxes. I had to growl and wave a knife and threaten to destroy some people’s entire families and burn down their homes to get access to all the boxes I wanted to look through, but I managed to find several GREAT deals. Frankie has a subscription box at I Like Comics, which is where the store orders specific books for her each month, and she grabbed those books AND found some must have deals for herself, as well. It was a pretty good day! (Except for all the blood I got on my shirt fighting nerds for the Fantastic Faux collection and the Fooly Cooly books that I picked up…)

fcbd 1 - (peg)
fcbd 2 - (peg)

And that’s why I haven’t been drawing or writing as much lately. Normally, I sit at home and freak out and have anxiety attacks and worry about death and money troubles—and all that anxiety and panic FEED my art, but when a body is too busy DOING things to worry, well DAMMIT! the artwork definitely suffers. Sorry! I’ll try to be less active in the future and keep those monsters and bad poems and psychotic ramblings coming your way!!!


—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)



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