“Further Adventures – Bigfoot (Part 6)” by Randy Long

[If this is the first you’re hearing of Mr. Long and his newest epic adventure, go HERE to read it from the beginning… Once you’ve caught up, come on back, and we can roll on! (This “chapter at a time” format reminds me of following along with those old, classic, Saturday morning serials, like Buster Crabbe’s Flash Gordon or Commando Cody, right!?!?) Okay, if you’re ready, here’s the next chapter in Randy Long’s mind-bending saga!!! —RFY]

We woke up late, and I went to town myself while Linda stayed in camp.

I asked the store clerk, “Have you seen the General?”

“Yes, he’s at the library,” so I went to the library.

“Say, General, let me ask you something. Has anyone ever done much digging in the ground around town? The reason why I ask is when we slept last night, it seemed extremely hard in the grass,” I said.

The General said, “Why, not that I’m aware of.”

“I wonder if, maybe, that could be a key to something,” I said. “Can you get some of the townspeople, and we’ll go find a hard spot near town.

“Yes,” the General said, “let’s try. That’s one thing we haven’t tried.”

Just behind the library, the townspeople began to dig, and shortly after starting, about three feet down, they hit metal. I said, “Try another place. I bet you will hit metal again. I have a theory that wherever you have engines, ships, planes, or towns, I would guess there’s metal underground that’s causing your dampening field.”

I had another idea, “We should drag a plane or something half-mile away from town. Make sure where you drag it, you dig three feet down, and if you don’t find metal, then try the engine. Have a few townspeople with shovels head out, go half to three-quarters of a mile out of town, then dig and see if they hit metal. No metal, drag a plane there and see if it will run.”

The General said, “I need ten men with shovels. Follow me!” We gathered the men and left town. We walked a little over half a mile.

“Dig here!” the General said. The men started to dig, and they dug three feet. No metal. “Bring the plane here—and fuel. You ten people go and get the plane and bring it here. Once it’s here, let’s leave it and try tomorrow.”

I went back to camp, saying I would return in the morning. At camp, Linda and I bedded down for the night.

In the morning, we got up, ate, got cleaned up, and I was ready to head for the plane. The General was already there.

“Let’s try this!” he said. We put fuel in the plane, it turned over, it sputtered, started, ran for a short time, and died. I looked over, and the General was grinning from ear to ear. He patted me on the back and said, “That’s it, that’s it! Seventy-five years later, and an outsider comes to town and figures it out!”

The General looked to me and said, “Thank you. We now have a new beginning.”

“Knowing about the power damper,” I said, “maybe you can take the library unit left by the native people, move it, hook power to it out here, and find out what they had to say.”

“This should change everything,” the General said. “We’ll need to bring batteries to this site, charge them, bring motors… Build a new town outside the dampening field. The beginning of a new town with power. The possibilities are endless, now…”

“Well, General,” I said, “I’m going back to camp and will probably be leaving in a few days.”

The General said, “Aren’t you staying?”

“No. I think we’re gonna go exploring a bit more. We might be back, soon.” I went back to the campground and told Linda what was going on.

She said, “We should hang around for a few weeks and see if they get the library going—see what it says.”

“Okay,” I said. “We could use the rest.” We stayed around camp a couple of days, rested up, and relaxed. The third morning, we went to the new town. They named it New Life. They got the library moved and batteries to the library, and they were about to start it.

The library turned on, and it said, “We are humans. We were attacked by the Grays, human-like aliens that are dangerous. We escaped through doorways to other worlds. Anything with engines coming to our world through doorways was disabled so the Grays would quit coming here! Any humans will eventually figure this out. We fought against the Grays, and all that came here were defeated, and they know not to come here because their ships will be disabled, along with any other motor vehicles that come through the doorways. Anyone who figures this out, there is a force field around the planet, and only the doorways will let machines in, but E.P.T.s are at the doorways, Electronic Pulse Transmitters. If you turn off the transmitters, the Grays could come back!”

The voice from the library continued, “The Grays operate on people from different worlds, trap them, enslave them. Most of us left this world, but the Grays can’t live here. The atmosphere is too different from their planet. We can adapt on their planet, but they can’t adapt to ours. They wanted to terraform this planet to make it more like theirs. We stopped them. Some of our cities went underground. Our library units are the keys to the underground cities, although most people went off world.”

We finally knew the story of that world. Linda and I packed our things and got our horses ready. We said our goodbyes and got ready to leave the next morning.

We decided to go back the way we’d come…

—Randy Long

[MORE ADVENTURES ARE HEADING YOUR WAY!!! And, hopefully, I’ll get the next section typed in less time than it took me to type this one! (Sorry about the long wait! Life gets in the way of art, sometimes…but we do our best!) —RFY]



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