“Top Notch Drama” by Richard F. Yates

Ahhhh Sunday… The day that God rested. (Or was that Saturday? It was supposed to be the seventh day, and I don’t know very many people who think of Sunday as the first day of the week anymore, so that makes it the LAST day, in my book.) Regardless, it’s pretty clear that I ain’t a god, and I sure didn’t get no rest today. In fact, SUNDAYS are almost always our busiest day of the week, what with the house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, fixing broken stuff…

Mariah says Sunday is “Catch-Up” day. (As opposed to Ketchup Day, which is traditionally on Thursdays.)

And let me share this with you, dear readers: THIS WEEK HAS BEEN SHIIIIIIIT, busy and awful and very, very not good—so we let a lot of stuff pile up to take care of today. Besides our ETERNAL economic struggles, and the terrors of the “daily grind,” we also went to a “celebration of life” for my step-brother, Todd, yesterday (which was pretty tough), and so I didn’t get much time for PRIMITIVE WORK. (Thus, the slim output this morning.)

Today, our “Day of Rest,” Mariah and I spent most of the morning and afternoon fighting with a clogged sink in the bathroom AND replacing a busted flushing mechanism on the toilet. (THRILLING REAL LIFE ADVENTURES!!!) After all the rest of the YUCK we’ve lived through lately, though, it’s nice to finally have a few things accomplished. (Our rent is paid, we have news tags for the car—only two weeks late this year!—and we can flush the toilet again and even wash our hands right there in the bathroom!)

We probably shouldn’t get used to all this GOOD stuff, though (even if it does counterbalance all the BAD that’s happened lately.) REMEMBER: the God of Irony SEES when you’re doing too well and makes sure to knock you back down again!

top notch drama (8 apr. 2018) by rfy - (peg)

Here’s some questions that are completely unrelated to what I was talking about above: Does it matter if magic is real? If UFOs are real? Bigfoot? Ghosts? Time travel? Gods? Multiple dimensions? Does ANY of that stuff matter when MOST people will never have those things as part of REALITY in their lives? (And those who DO experience them might ONLY experience them in their own heads?) (Maybe we should ALL be spending more time in our own heads and see what kinds of INTERESTING THINGS we can find in there!)

Is what we live with EVERYDAY, the mundane world of broken toilets and burnt out lightbulbs and expired milk, ALL THAT THERE IS?

Yes. Objectively speaking, the scientifically defined “REAL WORLD” is all that’s OUT THERE—but it’s not all that’s INSIDE OF US… (We just have to learn how to let more of the internal COME OUT!)

With that weird aside out of the way, I’m going to switch gears again and tell you what ELSE I’ve been working on lately. Once the CHORES were done, I was allowed to spend several hours today typing on the new ROLE PLAYING GAME that I’ve been writing. Michael King and I have been chatting a lot lately about various game mechanics (and Mariah Yates and Dan Foster have kicked in suggestions and ideas), and OFFICIALLY, on March 1st, 2018, I started putting thoughts on paper. Part of the Emerald City Comic Con experience, that Mike and I attended a few weeks ago, was a conscious effort to research what types of games people are buying and selling at the moment, and what Mike and I came out of that show with was a desire to make a good, old fashioned, PEN AND PAPER, role playing game, with dice and character sheets and story modules, like the GOOD OLD DAYS, but a role playing game that will incorporate OUR characters, OUR tone (of freakiness), and OUR STORIES. Where most of the games at the con were more like board games or card games, even the ones that the vendors CLAIMED were role playing games, we are making a TRUE RPG.

As Mike says, we’re “TAKING BACK THE TABLE-TOP!”

Personally, I think it will be EXTREMELY fun to write stories that people won’t just READ but also PLAY! Yes, there are a million RPGs out there, but this one will be from our imaginations, and we HOPE, if you’ve stuck with us this long, that maybe you’ll enjoy the opportunity to PLAY and EXPERIENCE our strange universes (once we get them into a PLAYABLE state!) I’ll try to get a few thing together: an ELEVATOR PITCH, a PLAYERS QUICK-START GUIDE, and a prospectus for the first STORY MODULE, as soon as I can to let you FOLKS know how things are shaping up!

So that’s some of the HIGHS and LOWS and AWFULS and SORT-OF-SATISFYINGS of the last few days. Probably didn’t make much sense, but it’s not my job to make sense. My job is to stir the pot and throw the LSD in once it’s reached a nice boil!

(P.S.: The PRIMITIVE ENTERTAINMENT WORKSHOP does NOT condone the ingestion of LSD or mushrooms or THC or any other mind-altering substances. The mention of that particular drug above was for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only, and the EDITORS of this site are firmly of the belief that people should ONLY use NON-DRUG RELATED METHODS of CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION, like reading and meditation and artistic expression and ritual magic, to explore the unconscious/subconscious mind, not drugs. This has been an automated response…)

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Supreme Bunny Lord of The P.E.W.)


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4 Responses to “Top Notch Drama” by Richard F. Yates

  1. A D&Desque game centered around the PEW? Consider me interested!

  2. Also, I guess I’m way overdue for a vigorous smiting by the irony god.

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