“Further Adventures – Bigfoot (Part 4)” by Randy Long

[As Randy Long’s story is already getting pretty long…I’ve decided to make a separate page and collect the whole adventure in one place. If you haven’t read any of this most recent tale yet, you can find the previous chapters HERE! It’s getting pretty crazy, so it’s wise to read the whole thing before moving on to this new section! But if you’re all caught up or brave as a rabid smurf, then go for it! —RFY]

The Hidden Doorway Planet – Our New Quest

The town we visited first was called Kellong. I asked Roger, “As far as you know, are all who are on this planet human?”

Roger said, “Everyone on this side of the planet, and the ocean separates us from the other side. And with the sea creatures—no one knows for sure. We have all heard stories that the other side of the planet is tropical, but much hotter. Someone said they found a body on an ocean beach that looked reptilian, like a lizard man, but there’s nothing like that on this side of the ocean, and we’ve only heard of a body like that washing up once, so we’re not sure.”

The doorways on this planet, as far as Roger knew, were all in the sky, but Linda and I knew of the one that we came through, and that one was on the ground.

We told Roger we were on our way. We rode off on our horses heading west. He gave us a map to show where the doorways were that were in the sky. Riding west, Roger said the next town was Rastle Creek, which was about 50 miles away.

I told my wife that I should never have taken her with me and endangered her. “I understand,” she said, “but I would rather be with you than for you to go on without me.” We rode half the distance to the next town, and it was time to stop and camp for the night. We stopped next to a battleship, but there was no water around the battleship. It said “Bismark” on the side. The Bismark! I thought it was sunk!

We fed and watered the horses, then brushed them down and put blankets on the them. Then we put up our tent and prepared for bed.

We both went to sleep, and in the night, I heard someone calling my name. “Get up, Randy, you’re in danger! Wake up!” I thought I was dreaming when I heard a loud crashing noise, then my name again. “Randy, get up!”

My horse was talking to me! We were in danger, so I grabbed my gun and a light. The moon was full outside the tent. It seemed to be almost daylight. A Sonar was charging the camp! I aimed my gun and fired three times, hitting the beast right in the chest, and it kept coming! I dodged it and shot three more times, the sixth finally brought him down.

My heart was racing, and the adrenaline had snapped me wide awake. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. By this time, my wife was wide awake, too, running back and forth and…wait! Hey!

I turned to look back at my horse and said, “You talked!”

The horse said, “We both do. We’re magic horses, and you two take very good care of us. Magic horses can do lots of things.”

“What about the Sonar?” I asked.

“It’s dead.”

I said, “How did you know it was going to attack?”

“Magic. What don’t you understand? If you are ever in danger, we’re here for you. That’s what magic horses are for! My name is Buck. My mate’s name is Dawn. Your wife, Linda, rides Dawn.”

“Why haven’t you talked until now?” I asked.

“You weren’t in danger. You know, the Sonar attacked because you were in its territory,” Buck said.

“Are there more?”


I said, “We should leave. It’s light anyway.” We packed up. “No time to eat. Let’s go. We’ll stop down the road.”

About 10 miles down the road, I asked Buck if there were any Sonars around. He said no, so we stopped. We fed and watered the horses again, and took out some supplies so we could eat, then we rested. We were only about 10 or 15 miles away from the next town.

We didn’t stay very long before we were on our way. Fifteen miles later, we came riding into Rastle Creek. It was a quiet town, but we got a grand greeting.

“We don’t get many visitors,” said the Mayor. His name was Bob.

I told Mayor Bob that we had a problem with a Sonar about 15 miles east, by the Bismark.

“Mayor Bob,” I asked, “do you have much of a problem with the Sonar?”

“No,” he said, “unless you are mistakenly in their territory.”

“There were no signs up,” I said.

“They get knocked down a lot. But you killed one, huh?”

“Yes,” I said. “It charged our camp. I didn’t have a choice.”

Mayor Bob said, “They have been known to kill humans.”

“I got lucky. Got three shots of while it was charging. Dodge it and brought it down with three more before it could charge again.”

“The whole town is talking. People don’t usually do so well against a Sonar,” he said. “You must be a great hunter!”

“No. I just got lucky,” I answered. “So tell me about the next town going west.”

Mayor Bob said, “About 40 miles west of here, on the coast, is a little fishing town called West Cove. It’s surrounded by ships that were wrecked on the shore and others that have fallen out of the sky. The town itself is about a quarter-mile inland from the ships.

I tell him that Linda and I will leave in the morning and ask if there is a campsite nearby.

“Yes, at the end of town. Stay as long as you want,” he said.

“No Sonars, right?” I asked.

“No, the closest territory is where you were last night,” Mayor Bob said.

So again, we watered and fed the horses, and I thanked Buck again. It had been a hard couple of nights, so I figured we’d sleep well that night at least!

—Randy Long

[More adventure to come!!! —RFY]


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