“Further Adventures – Bigfoot (Part 2)” by Randy Long

[When last we left Randy and his wife, Linda, they had traveled through a hidden doorway from the Bigfoot world and found themselves in a strange, new land populated by elves! (If you haven’t read that chapter yet, you can find it HERE.) Meanwhile, let’s get right back to the action, and see what adventures they find waiting for them! —RFY]


We woke in the morning, and after sleeping, our heads were clear. But something didn’t seem quite right. The King and his people seemed nice enough, just… Something seemed wrong.

I asked how many realms were on this world, and the Prince said, “You have five realms.”

The King said, “Yes, there are twenty realms on Eldoor. Fifteen realms are of elves and five realms of humans. Three elfin Kings rule fifteen realms, and one human King rules all five human realms. The planet Eldoor has seen 50 years of peace.”

It bothered me that we had to speak secret words for the castle to appear when it was peace time. (And how could they hide a whole castle?)

I asked the King, “How do you hide a whole kingdom?”

The King asked, “Have you heard of elfin magic?”

I could tell he did not want to talk about it. I was his guest, said “Thank you,” and changed the subject.

In this world they ate meat, but we hadn’t ate meat for so long, besides fish, it just didn’t appeal to us. They ate deer, pork, and chicken, fish, and vegetables.

I was told, they have four seasons there. The region we were in was pretty dry.

The King said in his five realms the weather was real mild. Each of the five realms were one continent. Each kingdom was a continent with five realms, and there were four continents that made up the world.

I asked, “How do you get to other kingdoms?”

“We have our Navy.”

I asked, “Do you know of any doorways in your five realms other than the one we came through?”

He replied, “One other, but it takes you to another world.” Then he said, “Don’t leave yet. Be my guest. Take the horses out and look over the country. Enjoy yourselves.”

My wife and I did just that. We talked to other elfin people—very nice—and enjoyed the countryside. We left most of your stuff in the castle and went to other villages. The further we got from the castle, the elfin people were less friendly.

I asked, “Do you have a problem with us or with ALL humans?”

They replied, “You’re riding royal horses.”

I said, “Yeah, is there something wrong with that?”

One elf answered, “I better not say anything.”

I said, “My name is Randy. My wife’s name is Linda. Nothing will be said. What’s your name?”

Reluctantly, he said, “My name is Hamin.”

“So what’s wrong?”

He answered, “The King lives in luxury. We are hungry most of the time.”

I said, “There seems to be plenty of game and fish and vegetables. Has it always been this way?”

“No. The King and Prince have always been good to us. Bandits have been raiding our village and taking our food. They ride royal horses.”

I said, “I see your problem. I think the King would like to be made aware of this,” but Hamin told us that if anything was said, we would be sorry.

I mentioned, “Well, we are returning to the castle the castle tomorrow. How many bandits are there?”

“Ten riders. Masked,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said. “I won’t mention any names.

We left that village, which was called Deer Valley. We rode the next morning. When we returned to the field where the castle was hidden, we called out, “Ba-ruu! Sh-kar!” and the castle reappeared.

I went to the King and said, “Could I talk to you in private?”

He said, “You are my friend,” and he told his guards to stay in the main hall. We went to a smaller room.

I said, “Are you aware, in a town called Deer Valley your people are starving?”

He asked, “Why?”

I said, “Bandits. Ten bandits, masked, riding royal horses.”

The King said, “I will put a stop to this…”

I said, “I hate to bring you bad news, King. You have been so good to us.”

The King said, “I think we can trust you now. I had to know if you could be trusted. If you were not on a royal horse, when you came to the castle, it would not matter what you said. You would NOT see the castle.”

“Also,” the King said to me, “recently, fifteen of the royal horses came up missing. When we ‘ketch the guilty ones, they will be punished, severely. Most don’t know that the royal horses are magic horses. Only the elfin people know of the magic horses. Now, I entrust this secret to you. You are the only human who knows about the royal horses.”

I said, “Your secret is safe with me.”

We returned to the main hall, and the King said, “Send troops to Deer Valley, and food and supplies. There are bandits in the area. If you find them, bring them back here, alive.”

I said, “Can I go with them?” The King said yes. “Can my wife stay here?”

The King said, “By all means.”

And we left to go to Deer Valley. When we arrived, the townspeople were all smiles, and by that evening, their bellies were full.

—Randy Long


[If you haven’t read Randy’s original, epic Bigfoot saga, you can find that HERE, and if you ENJOY it, you can buy it in a handy, paperback form HERE! Keep your eyes out for more exciting adventures to come!!! —RFY]



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