“Further Adventures – Bigfoot (Part 1)” by Randy Long

[Last weekend’s LongCon, where Randy sold a couple of books* and signed some autographs, must have been inspirational, because he went right home and started working on the sequel to BIGFOOT the very next day! By Tuesday, he had some new materials ready, and I drove over (through white-out snow conditions) to grab the pages. For those who haven’t read BIGFOOT, (you can read the whole thing for free HERE), we ended that story with a revolution, but Randy still had the Golden Keys, which had the power to unlock any of the dimensional doorways on the Bigfoot planet, allowing him and his wife, Linda, to explore unknown worlds! Let’s get to the story… —RFY]


Now that we had set things right in Twin Phoenix, the world of the Bigfoot people, my wife and I decided to try some of the doorways.

The Doorway Nearest the City of Bigfoot.

We packed our supplies, as much as we could carry, and a cart we pulled behind us. As we slipped through this doorway, at first, I thought we were back on Earth. Just one sun and one moon. After a few seconds, two riders on horseback rode up. I thought they were men, but no. They were skinny, hooded, with swords strapped to their sides, and a bow hanging off the horns of their saddles.

And I thought, “We’re in trouble… BIG trouble!”

About then, one of the hooded figures spoke and said, “You are HUMAN, aren’t you?”

I said, “You—you speak English.”

He said, “We speak many languages.” He lowered his hood, and I could see his ears were pointed.

He said, “I am Lotar, Prince of the Five Realms. My friend, here, is Megdar. We mean you no harm. My father, King Lomax, would be glad to meet you. We don’t see many humans in this realm. You must have come through the doorway. It has been closed for many years now. This world is called Eldoor. There are mainly elves and some humans here, and some dwarves and trolls, though you humans would call them “Bigfoot,” not many though, since the Big War. This planet is at peace. Most of the doorways have been closed for just over a century.

Megdor lent us his horse and stayed with our cart. Lotar, the prince, said he would send people back for Megdor. We rode about five miles to a giant pasture, and the prince said, “Here we are.”

I said, “WHERE we are?”

Lotar said, “Oh yes, repeat after me.” We both said okay.

He said, “Ba-ruu. Sh-kar.”

We both said it at the same time, and a giant golden castle and gate appeared in front of our eyes. We were amazed! Castle guards and people were wandering through the halls and throughout the castle walls, inside and out. A moment ago, there was nothing there!

This is how we hide our Elfin people for safety. Lotar took us to see the King, his father, King Lomax. He greeted us and was very nice.

The King said, “You will be my guests. You are welcome. We have a very prosperous land.”

He asked where we came from, and I told him we came through one of the ancient doorways from Twin Phoenix, and before that, Earth. He proceeded to tell us that his ancestors had visited Earth long ago. He asked if it had changed much.

I said yes. Huge changes. He said they purposely stayed away from change.

“We have a simple life here and like it that way,” the King said.

Megdar arrived at that point with our things, and the King said, “Stay as long as you like, but when you leave, take two of the horses with you.”

We thanked him. We were shown to our room.

I looked at Linda and said, “Looks good, but let’s be careful.”

The most amazing part was the Hidden Castle. We were both completely exhausted. We got to bed, and soon we were both asleep.

—Randy Long


[Lot’s more to come!!! —RFY]

*Don’t forget that Randy Long has TWO books available RIGHT NOW for humans to purchase:

books for longcon (no cat) - (peg)
BIGFOOT and Other Stories” which collects his BIGFOOT saga in one book, plus a bunch of killer squirrel stories! Only $5.99 in a handsome paperback format! And…

The Collected Works of Randy Long – Vol. 1” which has some great, often humorous fiction (about evil squirrels), plus stories about UFO sightings, an out of body experience, camping in the Pacific Northwest, space mercenaries, and more! That book is only $6.99 in paperback! So much awesomeness for such a reasonable price!!!


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