“Primitive Video 001” by Richard F. Yates

With the assistance of “The Boss” (Mariah Yates), The Primitive Entertainment Workshop has constructed a NEW THING. We have filmed a poetry video in which Richard F. Yates performs four poems for your viewing pleasure. (In the video, Mr. Yates says he performed five poems, but our accounting department scoured the video and has come to the conclusion that only four poems are going to be heard by most viewers. If a fifth poem is included, it must have been a SECRET poem, which most will not be able to access—or he made a mistake counting to four, which makes this a PUNK POETRY recitation. Punk is still cool, right?)

Here are the texts of the FOUR poems in question:


I might wear a Dracula cape
To the wedding
And make certain I leave the reception
Before dawn

“Lunar Ploy”

Lunar ploy
A trick to suck our brains
Very long straws
From the moon
Brain suck straws

“My Friends”

My friends are foam
And animals
With bugging eyes
Or none
Who sing and dance with stars
And shadows
And channel spirits
Long since gone
From this world

[The mysterious 4th poem???]

poetry devil - (peg)

“SOMAT(IC) Response”

We are living once again in ancient times
An age of trolls collecting tolls while the bridges burn
An age of post-truth cave-men riding dinosaurs into flood boats
An age of control disguised as chaos
And the SOMAT(IC) response?

[The sounds of axes, made of dark matter, swinging through bad ideas…]

Pendulums swing. Guillotines fall.
Reason shines—casting light for the Shadow Play
Snake’s voice has returned
Bunny is out of the hat
And the Primitives are on the warpath!

The first three poems read here are from Richard F. Yates’s book, NIGHT NOISES, which is full of words and monsters and ghosts and paranoia. The fourth poem was written specifically for this video. Hope you enjoyed the performances!

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Grand Hoohaa of The P.E.W.)


About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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