“Monstrosity” by Charlie Centipede

For some people, Halloween is over. Time to put the monsters and ghosts and bunnies away until next year. But I disagree. The world is clearly haunted (or—at the very least—horrific) all year round, not just in the autumn. If we push away the demons and vampires, the blobs and phantoms and mutant squirrels, force them into closets and basements and attics for most of the year, then WE DENY OURSELVES THE DARKNESS, the supernature, that we obviously NEED if we are to become balanced, WHOLE beings.

spider ghost - (peg)

The ridiculous PLAY ACTING that occurs when people who are NOT all light PRETEND to be GOOD is horrifying to watch (and it doesn’t fool anyone, but nobody points this out because they don’t want THEIR OWN PLAY ACTING TO COME UNDER PUBLIC SCRUTINY!) And this repression of the DARKNESS, this denial of the obvious, leads to dangerous sociopathic and schizoid tendencies—which people ALSO ignore (so that their own sociopathic and schizoid tendencies won’t come under public scrutiny!)

What’s the moral of this little rant? Is there a point? (Yes, I think so.)

Embrace the darkness. Recognize the fact that we NEED to be haunted. Acknowledge the monsters and demons. Find a way to relate to the vampire hippos and talking snakes in your life (and in your own head.) But watch out for BUNNY—he can be a real bastard!

Light and dark. Yin and yang. Power and control. Sense and nonsense. Chocolate and vanilla. (Needs a little bit of butterscotch!) These are FALSE DICHOTOMIES! And fuck shades of gray (all 50.) True WHITE LIGHT is made up of ALL color frequencies blended together. And a TRUE AND BALANCED HUMAN BEING incorporates all monsters as well. (Except BUNNY, of course. He stays outside.)

Peace! Resist! Remove! Repaint! Reproduce! Reuse! Reinvent! and Ruminate!!!

—Charlie Centipede



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Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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