“Bigfoot (Part 6)” by Randy Long

[In the last episode, our hero learned that the Bigfoot people will let certain humans come to their world, but that they never let them LEAVE! We now return to the exciting story, already in progress!!! —RFY]

We told Bill, leader of the village we’d been staying in, that we would like to go home, and of course he said he’s been there about 100 years and has learned a lot about the land—and the number one rule is NO ONE LEAVES.

About then, Bill took me to the side and says, “Can I trust you? And how bad do you want to go back to Earth?”

I believe a man is only as good as his word, and if he don’t have that, he has nothing. And Earth is my home, no matter what, and I tell him so. Well, Bill begins to tell me a story. He says, a long time ago when he first arrived here through one of the forgotten doorways, he was told a story about a doorway that, once a week, it appears in, and stays in, a different area of the world. ONLY for a week, and then moves again. There’s an old man who lives in a cave on the other side of the desert where a mountain starts and the desert ends. There’s a hidden cave in the side of the mountain. That old man knows when and where the doorway will appear. He told me not to let the Bigfoot people find out what I was doing or they wouldn’t let me leave.

Bill proceeded to tell me that you need the Key to the forbidden doorway, and he pulled a gold key out of his pocket and handed it to me. He told me he got the Key to try and escape, but he’s been here so long that he wouldn’t know how to cope on Earth anymore. He said, “You must take the Key, get your friend, and find out when and where the doorway will appear. You will need one other thing. The Compass will only show you where the doorway is, and it’s said that the old man in the cave can tell you how to find the Compass. But remember, above all, tell no one of your plan, if you want to succeed.”

I asked he why me—why would he trust me? He said it’s too late for him. He’d grown accustomed to being there, and I hadn’t been there long. He told me, “Never lose sight of your dreams!”

We talked more. I told him of the progress Earth had achieved in the last 100 years, from automobiles to landing on the moon, from computers to two world wars… There was also a Sexual Revolution, and so many more improvements. We talked for hours and into the night. He said to watch out for the forbidden areas of the planet where the Bigfoot won’t go. There are spots on that planet with too much heat for the Bigfoot, and humans are dominant there, and said I should be careful exploring those places.

Linda and I decided to leave in the morning, find Ed, and find the forbidden doorway. We’d been in that world for about six months, and we’d been told by Bill that there were no seasons, just different areas with different climates. When it rains in that area it’s short showers, then the sun comes right back out and dries everything again.

That day, I saw a very large bird, 20 feet across. I was told that the bird was a Thunderbird, big and black, that stood about six feet tall on the ground. Those types of birds usually live beyond the desert zone.

Bill told me things that I was never supposed to repeat, especially around the Bigfeet, or even think them! He said, “Bigfoot people can tell what other Bigfoot people are thinking, but it’s harder for them to read humans, and practically impossible if you try to block them.” Bill also said the Bigfoot people have their own language beyond their telepathy, but with all the humans on their planet, they learned English, and that became the standard language on the planet, like a lot of places on Earth.

He also said it’s good to get in good with a Bigfoot that you trust. He says there’s good Bigfoot people and bad, and to just be careful. Bill also told me of the one great city of the Bigfoot people. It’s a place they hold sacred, and it’s told that the beginning of the Bigfoot people was there. The secrets of the Bigfoot people are hidden there.

Humans don’t live in Bigfoot City, and the only place the Bigfoot people won’t live is somewhere where it’s too hot, like the desert.

Bigfoot City is the Lost City. It’s said that before the Bigfoot people there was a race that occupied this world, then something happened to them, and the Bigfoot people claimed this world. There are secrets in the city that the Bigfoot people hide from humans. The Bigfoot City is over a million strong. There are some smaller settlements around Bigfoot City occupied by humans.

Bill also told me that there are many keys that will only fit a single doorway, but the key he gave me was the Golden Key, and only two are known to exist. They will open any door. There’s doors that take you from one side of the planet to another, from this planet to Earth, and different areas of other planets, but I don’t know how many other planets.

The next morning, we headed back east looking for the village called The Highlands, the last place the Ed was known to be. I figured at our present pace we could reach the Highlands village in about six weeks, but maybe he would be coming our way.

We’d been on the road a week and a half, and ever since we left we’d had a feeling we were being followed. If we were being followed, I was pretty sure it was a Bigfoot because we couldn’t see anything. It must have been camouflaging itself.

In the Bigfoot people, the men are dominant and the females are pretty passive, a little smaller, but they would still tower over me, and I’m six feet tall.

I was starting to think that I would never get over the twin suns of that planet. Every time I looked up, it brought me back to the reality that I was not in Kansas anymore—not that Washington state is Kansas or anything like that.

So we’d been on the road two and a half weeks, and nothing significant happened, but we still couldn’t shake the feeling we were being followed.

We decided to veer north a little, though still going mostly east, but we’d heard of a little town off the beaten path, a human town, and maybe if we were being followed, we thought, we could figure out by whom. After about four weeks since leaving Bill’s village of Johnsonville, we reached the edge of the town. The name of the town was Griphon, and the people there were pretty standoffish. We went to talk to the Elders of the town, and one pulled me off to the side and said, “I see you have a Bigfoot following you,” and he said he could help.

I said I knew someone was following, but didn’t know why. He said it was because we were new there and the Bigfoot didn’t know how to read us and were concerned. He said it was normal for them to follow new people. I said it was pretty intimidating, especially as big as they are.

We asked about the Highlands town and Ed. They told me that Highlands town was about two weeks away, and the last they heard he was still there, a stranger named “Ed.” We decided to stay in Griphon for a while and hoped the Bigfoot would get tired of waiting. After about three days, he did. We stayed another couple of days, just to make sure.

Linda and I thought Ed must have met a woman, or he probably wouldn’t still be at the village. Either that, or he was in trouble. After about six days, we were back on the road again and heading for Highlands town.


—Randy Long

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