“Executive Decision” by The Primitive Entertainment Workshop

A decision has been made. (Notice the passive voice construction in that statement, which contributes to the suspense: We don’t know WHO made the decision. It might have been made by a crazy person or by a person whose motives are sinister and, possibly, evil!)

executive worm (aug. 2017) by rfy - (peg)


Because The Primitive Entertainment Workshop has now reached over 97 percent capacity, while failing to come up with the requisite $100 to pay for a premium site plan, the management has decided to begin to PURGE older posts from the archives to make room for new content. This extremely difficult decision was reached based on four factors:

1 – There are now SO MANY posts on the site that it is nearly impossible for a lone human to go back and read through even just a few weeks’ worth of content—and we have four and a half years’ worth sitting in the archives. We produce A LOT: stories, poems, rants, reviews, and thousands of “works of art,” with over 5,400 posts in total—that’s TOO MUCH content for anyone but the most obsessed graduate student on seriously dangerous amounts of speed to sift through. (We really need to have an intervention for that guy, don’t you think?) In a very real sense, the removal of the earlier work from the site will be invisible to most visitors.

2 – Many of the early graphic elements (about 600 pieces) have been catalogued and reposted on the “Richard F. Yates (Artist)” Faceboot page. (Many, but not all.) If you want to look at them, you can do it there…

3 – Some people may not realize this, but there are actually three BOOKS available that reprint the early days of The P.E.W. (Links here: VOLUME ONE, VOLUME TWO, VOLUME THREE.) These books include every single post that went up for the first three hundred posts (or more. I think the third book has as many as 150 by itself.) As I’ve mentioned on several occasions, I have a desperate fear that the electrical grid will collapse (or that the company currently hosting the site will go under or decide to retool—like what happened with MySpace, where I used to have about five different pages that all WENT AWAY, including several years’ worth of posts, photos, artwork, and other content,) and I have a real fear that all this STUFF floating around in the electrical webs will eventually just disintegrate and disappear. To combat that possibility, I made PAPER versions of the P.E.W. that exist in the real, PHYSICAL world. I still enjoy flipping through those books, even though I know they are too expensive (and too silly) to be commercially successful—that wasn’t the point. The point was ARCHIVING, and in that sense, the books were perfectly adequate.

4 – Dirty Twisted Mirror Project: The P.E.W. will be given a NEW LIFE as the content is reposted on a few different sites… (Dr. Frankenstein would be so proud—although he’d also warn me that creations can sometime come back and kill everyone you care about…) Beyond the artwork archive project on Faceboot, I am also going to be reposting the early works from the Workshop at a couple of different places, including Ello (where I’ve already started posting bits and bobs) and at my “I Lost the Plot” blog—and a few of the more creepy or crazy pieces might end up at a NEW site: SOMAT(IC), The School of Madness as Truth (Inner Circle). This prospect, the idea that some of these older posts will again see the light of day, is actually kind of interesting, bordering on the exciting. Many humans have never seen this content (because we didn’t have very many followers in the beginning AND because it’s been buried under thousands of other posts since then…), and we’re bringing it back into the LIGHT!

So those are the factors that have convinced me that this is the best course of action. We’re too poor to afford the dough it would take to go for the fancy plan, most people won’t MISS the content that’s being removed because it’s buried so deeply under the slush, and most of the good bits will be RESURRECTED and spread beyond the confines of this one, simple, silly site. In addition, I’m going to KEEP some of the old bits that are too precious or too foundational to kill.

The practical effects of this decision should probably be mentioned as well. These purges will take time and will undoubtedly effect my ability to produce NEW content for a bit. I’m usually a three to five posts per day type of guy (except for yesterday. Sorry about that! I had to DJ a company picnic, which had me busy from early in the A.M. until late last night…) But since I’ll be working on behind the scenes stuff for a while, it’s going to cut into the amount of time I have for drawing and writing new bits…


What else??? Oh yeah, I’m going to kill the Patreon page. Since I’m not getting much interest in that direction anyway, it’s getting the axe. As is the radio station. Forget you ever heard about those things. They’re gone… READ A DAMN BOOK is still alive, and I’ll continue to post new work to the Workshop, from me and from other humans for the foreseeable future. And I’m also going to make sure I finish one of my NEW books VERY soon. It’s time…

—Richard F. Yates
(Commander in Cheap of The Primitive Entertainment Workshop)

P.S. – The Patreon Page has been zapped and is no longer taking money from good people. I’ve also already taken all the songs off the radio station, as well, but I can’t remember my password (somehow) to delete it completely—but it’s basically dead now, too. And I’ve officially started the SOMAT(IC) website, where I will post stuff of a certain slant (including reposts from all of my sites that are the proper shade of strange—but the new site will primarily be original content.) I’m also planning a real world, PAPER product based on the SOMAT(IC) universe, in addition to the two other books I’m working on. I’ve also OFFICIALLY decided to use the “I Lost the Plot a Few Miles Back” blog as the DIRTY TWISTED MIRROR where I’ll be reposting the items that I remove from The P.E.W. Aaaaaaaand, I think that’s all the housekeeping for now… Type at you people again, soon!


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