“Danger (Girders Under Pressure)” by Poetrybot 070 (Licensed to Confound)

New Meanings.
Old Feelings.
Fear of the Known.
Lost Languages.
Hidden in plain sight.
Never… Never… We will never land.
Oil legacy.
Bodies as commodities.
Left to Rot (or Grow).
Fingers flexing—flaring.
Faces forced towards the flames.
Litigation as Motivation.
Prominent forehead—Afterthoughts.

Consciousness is an illusion.
Channeling Spirits (That Never Existed.)
Mystic Mystique.
Feed the weasels.
Illuminated light bulb.
Seven fathoms down.
Microwave the Monstrosities.
Trial by Pelican.
Considerable strain on the Perforated Membrain.

Public Execution.
Amelioration Through Destruction of Consecration.
Liberation from Indoctrination.
No Prohibition of Recreation.
Stupid hovering humans.
Get thee to a nunnery (or brewery.)

Massive Retaliation.
(Save the Date!)
Constant Desecration and Battle for “Best Dressed.”
Let the Laxatives Live!

Free from the Jet Set.
Don’t Panic.
The Spice is the Worm. The Worm is the Spice.
Let It Flow.

—Poetrybot 070 (Licensed to Confound)


About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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