“Goth-X (Part Two)” by Michael King

[After far too long of a wait, here is the second part of Michael King’s “Goth-X” storyline! (My apologies. I seem to be perpetually behind lately! Gotta get organized!) If you haven’t read the first part of the story, you can find it by clicking HERE. For those of you who are all caught up, let’s get on with the show!!! —RFY]

October 23rd 2048: 3:23 A.M.

BOOOM! The flash of unbridled nature and the concussive wave of thunder that followed forced Goth violently back to his immediate reality. His ears ringing, he looked around. It was dark, and the lightning had left his eyes blinded. The torrential rain had soaked him to the bone and showed no sign of stopping. He could see a faint light through the trees, about three hundred yards away. Its rays illuminated showers of rain in an eerie amber. Below it, he could see an iron fence and gate, and he could make out some headstones. He realized that he was in the Portland City Cemetery. He tasted something in his mouth, something more than rain water. It was blood! His nostrils twitched as he recognized the scent of blood.

“What the Hell is going on?” he muttered under his breath. He backed up slowly, and a tombstone stopped him. His foot slipped a little on the wet grass. Suddenly another flash of lightning illuminated the scene for him. There, approximately ten feet in front of him, was an eight-foot-tall marble statue of a graceful Angel wrapped in flowing garb, its beautiful, somber face tilted ever so gently toward Heaven. Both of its selfless arms outstretched in an offering manner, and laying there, the near headless corpse of a young woman. Rain diluted the girl’s blood as what remained of it washed down the front of the Angel. “OH God in Heaven, did I Kill this girl?!” Goth bellowed as he thrust his hands upward. “I don’t remember!”

“Of course you did,” hissed a voice from the Angel. “Don’t you taste the blood? It’s a taste that you’re familiar with, isn’t it?”

“Yes….I mean NO…I…I can’t remember.” He dropped his hands as he shouted. “What is this? Who are you?”

“I was your Guardian Angel, but now I have to make you pay for your sin, your transgression against God!” The voice slithered the words.

“BULL-SHIT!” Goth Screamed. “You’re no Angel!”

“How right you are.” Another flash of lightning unveiled the figure of a young woman clinging to the robes of the statue, clad in a long black skirt that the rain had formed to her body. Her delicate fingers creeped like the legs of some devilish spider across the Angel. Her arms were wrapped in a black mesh. Her coal black hair was soaked and draped on her shoulders. Her skin, white as porcelain, and her eyes that glinted with an unholy fire, peered out of two darkened hollowed sockets. Her black lips were drawn back in a macabre grin, exposing the four blood tainted teeth, that protruded beyond the rest. “Neither are you. You’ve always had a taste for blood, and we’ve finally made you legitimate,” she giggled. “You don’t have to wrestle with the guilt any longer. Your blood-lust is justified!” Her smile taunted him.

Her words pulled at something inside him, the hunger of his new self. He licked the blood from his lips; he wanted more. Closing his eyes in protest, he struggled with his urge. “There she is,” this young Vampire teased. “I think I left some of her blood for you, but you better hurry. I think she’s leaking.” Each word cunningly accented with a suggestion of her will. His head reeled, as it filled with images of pleasure. He and this beautiful creature, and the blood. Images of the young victim, begging for him to drink of her. He fell to his knees. He fought the nausea. Another blast of Heavenly fire and crash of thunder, and he looked to the dead body, and then saw it for what it was, a young woman whose life was stolen, and who was desecrated in the most heinous way. The fire of anger grew in him. He looked to his antagonist, and she burned in his vision.

” I didn’t kill that girl!” he growled. “You did, you BITCH! and I’m gonna take your cheap un-dead ass APART!”

She hissed defiantly as she backed up against the statue. Goth crouched, snarling, his own eyes now burning with an internal fire.

He lunged, arms spread wide, wings unfurled, and gleaming teeth flashing She screeched as she dashed behind the Angel. Goth landed on the front of the statue, and quickly threw his left arm around it. His groping hand clutched the arm of the vamp and pulled her round. She flailed wildly as she brought her mouth down on his arm. A flash of ice raced through his spine as she bit. “DAMN YOU!” He quickly slapped her with his right hand, and slipped backwards off the statue. She rolled onto the rain soaked grass and leapt to the branches of a nearby tree. He bounded without hesitation after her, and slammed clumsily into the branch. Her footing failed and she fell. As she was about to hit the ground, she sprang up, and with leathern wings, took flight. Goth grinned and flew after her. The rain pelted them as they climbed, and darted around the trees. He could hear the fear in her voice as her whole body was clawing its way through the rain choked air. Her fear strengthened him. Maybe it was the new force running through his veins or just the animal he always bore inside him, living for the hunt, and the chase.

“NO!” she squealed, as he grabbed her right ankle. Her other foot struck out, trying desperately to make contact. “Let go! Let go of me! You bastard!” He opened his wings wide as an air-brake, and they fell to the ground.

“FUCK YOU!” he slammed her body to the wall of a crypt. The air left her body in a single rush, as she fell limply to the earth. He instantly leapt to her and threw her on her back. With another flash of Lightning, he spied a wheel barrow with tools in it. Quickly he grabbed the shovel.

” I hope this works ! ” As he held it high with the handle facing forward. Once over her, her fiendish eyes sprang open, and her mouth let loose with a soul wrenching scream. He brought the shovel down with all the strength and speed he could muster. The handle cracked under the force of his attack. A spat of blood shot from her mouth, as the improvised wooden stake, anchored her to the Earth.

A different expression filled her face, as the un-holly glint fled her eyes. She gasped, fighting for air.

“Thank-you…” she said, and gave her last exhale. Goth’s brow loosened as he beheld the visage of evil leave this poor girl to die her second death. He dropped to his knees. He growled with anger and frustration.

“Why God? Is this the future that awaits me?” He laid across her body. “I should tell Spook and the others, so we can get it over with!” The Heavens opened up with another crack of lightning and blast of thunder.

—Michael King


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