171 // Finding Something Unexpected In Poland

Paul Green from Mindfump asked me to contribute a drawing, which I did, and he used it on a cool article about Kinder Eggs! Not sure what a Kinder Egg is? Read the article!!!


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To some people the Kinder Surprise is a small chocolate egg with a toy inside, to others it is a badge of honour, a reward greater than any medal; if you have one, you know you’ve done something right. Or, you’re an over weight adult who can’t let go of the past. Either way it is pretty damn good.

Kinder is a German word meaning ‘children’, which would mean the translated name is ‘Children Surprise’, how quaint. Except the chocolate egg is not made by a country that speaks German, surprisingly it is made by an Italian company, and they speak Italianese or something. So what we have is half of the title in German, and half of it in English, originally for an Italian market – and some people say multiculturalism doesn’t work.

It is a controversial chocolate though, and…

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