“Make a Million Things” by Richard F. Yates

My philosophy for art is this: you make a million things. If you make a million things, I guarantee that at least a few of those things will be brilliant—one or two, maybe more. A few will be MASTERPIECES! Even if they happened by accident, you’ll still have created a brilliant masterpiece—and how many people can say that?

Certainly not the people who just stand around and criticize what other people do, but who never make anything themselves out of fear of rejection, or a misguided belief that they CAN’T, or because of some emptiness in themselves—all very sad things—and unfortunately you can’t help everyone, but what you can do is you can make things.

Making things is fun, and I believe that EVERYONE should make stuff. Especially YOU! Make things. Make a million…

—Richard F. Yates

P.S. – This MAKING concept comes from seeing a whole generation of kids who just WATCH things, but don’t participate in CREATING. You gotta create—Camus said so! (Always consider what smart people say. You don’t always have to FOLLOW what they say, but you should definitely listen and then give it proper consideration…)


About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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