“Pain Induced Mega Nonsense Marathon! (01)” by yr

Friday evening, after a long day of manual labor, I came home, sat on the floor (as per usual), reached for my laptop, and promptly felt something in my lower back go “CAFLOOEY!” It’s happened before: packing DJ equipment down a flight of stairs, reaching for a coffee pot, sneezing once (for real), and now sitting down in front of a computer. The BACK goes, “Nope!”

So since Friday night, I’ve been in some serious pain, like can’t sit down or recline or sleep or move without tiny, electric splinters jabbing into my spine and swirling around for a bit. Dripping with ibuprofen, ice-pack stuck to my sacroiliac, and unable to DO anything physical, I did what I could. I wrote little bits (fragmented, strange, pain drenched things), and I drew some stuff (weird, uncomfortable things), and I read. I can’t help myself, really. Drawing and writing and thinking weird things come naturally to me, and when I’m convalescing, and can’t do much else, I just keep doing those fun things. Over and over again. Keeps the spirits up, even when the body is wrecked…

Now, as of Sunday afternoon, I seem to be mostly on the mend. Sitting isn’t impossibly painful. I even helped fold some clothes! But I’m left with a whole bunch of weirdo fragments and freakish (and mostly BAD) drawings, and that means it’s time for another weirdo MARATHON!!!

There is a precedent for this at The Primitive Entertainment Workshop. I have done several “micro-marathons,” and I think this counts as one of those. I don’t expect people to like every entry, or get every word or weird image. I don’t expect people to even LOOK at everything. It’s too much for the public to consume. It’s mostly for me. I have “Archive Fever,” in which I like to keep track of all the gunk I produce: good or bad. (Most of the time, I can’t tell the difference.)

Here is a list of the previous marathons, for any who are curious. (I don’t think I missed any, but maybe):

“Micro-Fiction Day!” (12 Dec. 2013)
“Blitzkrieg Bog Mega-Post Massacre Day!” (25 Feb. 2014)
“Mega Micro-Fiction Marathon!” (29 Jul. 2014)
“FRAG DAY” (11 Aug. 2015)
“Micr-o, Fragment-o, Weird-o, Trip-o Day!” (25 Sep. 2015)
“The Return of the Micro-Fiction Marathon!!!” (17 Sep. 2016)

Enjoy the pain induced weirdness, if you can!!!


About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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