“From Above” by Scott Sparks

[Editor’s note: The following poem is pretty much a straight up religious piece. I would normally not publish this type poem on this site because I am rather anti-religious, perhaps leaning more towards EVIL, but Scott Sparks is a friend and a long time contributor to the P.E.W., and as such, I didn’t feel right censoring his creative work. In response to his poem, I have written an essay about why I don’t believe in religions, which will definitely tip the scales back to our normal, fiery mode. In the meantime, here’s Scotty’s piece… —RFY]


“From Above”

God, please lift me to my feet
When I don’t feel like standing, help me to feel complete
I may not get Your plan most days
Sometimes I want to do the opposite of what You say
But I’m still listening while persisting to learn the hard way
What You ask of me, You’ve already done
To be merciful and clothed in love
Deserving of Your grace, there is no one
Yet, You give it freely as with forgiveness
I’m thankful for each day I wake up
Because tomorrow isn’t promised
You’ve blessed me in many lessons
Protected me in all my messes
Shown me the effects of my transgressions
And held me up when least expected
So, for all the days that I live
The praise and the glory to You I will give


—Scott Sparks

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