“Nausealeum” by Scott Sparks

Scantily clad sensibilities
Changes in life have made you so inflexible
Well, how can this be?
A one way road ought to be less traveled
Scuffed shoes more than prove I’m tired of this gravel
Heading up the tracks, I feel like a rail car
At least I can say I’m already through the hard part
An endless hill when I just want to chill
But I’ve managed the load of this manifest thus far
Ready to be rid of a road on which I’ve skid
Skirting a cold shoulder behind brake lights ahead
But the freight I now carry has strengthened me considerably
Despite your one way scantily clad sensibilities


—Richard F. Yates

About richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)
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